"El Tío's" connection revealed in Bolivia

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"El Tío's" connection revealed in Bolivia

"El Tío's" connection revealed in Bolivia

"El Tío" was arrested on July 20 in Zapopan, Jalisco, and today he is being held in the Federal Penitentiary of the Altiplano. Photo: Special

Abel Barajas
Cd. De México (August 26, 2017) .- The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has informed the PGR that Raúl Flores Hernández "El Tío" trafficked drugs from Bolivia and was probably related to another Mexican drug trafficker who had a company Fisheries in Panama.

In MX-09-0383, of April 16 of that year, the then DEA Regional Director in Mexico, David L. Gaddis, revealed the names of several of his alleged accomplices, although at that time it was not related to the Soccer player Rafael Márquez and singer Julión Álvarez.

"Our records indicate that Flores Hernández uses 'Camelia Bar and Restaurant' in Guadalajara, Jalisco, to launder money from narcotics sales.

" The archives review also revealed that Flores Hernández has connections to a drug and money cell in Bolivia.

"Flores Hernández is related to Fernando Gustavo Álvarez Peralta and his wife Silvia Patricia Gómez Alejandro, who are engaged in the same illicit activities as Flores Hernández," says the agency's leadership in its communication to the then Attorney Marisela Morales.

In the same report, the DEA addition mentions a character who has not been publicly mentioned as a drug trafficker until now.

"Luis Armando Leija Fuentes, born on December 8, 1967, is identified as the leader of a drug and money laundering organization in Mexico," the document says.

This personage appears like president and director of Pesquera Marítima Industrial SA, a company that has his domicile in Mexico and that was registered the 10 of July of 2002 in Panama.

According to data of the Public Registry of the Central American country, in this company appears as treasurer Jose Luis Anguiano Fuentes; As subscribers, Pablo Gaspar Arosemena Junior and Rosaura Meneses of Bern; And as secretary and director, Santiago Solís Hernández.

The DEA report cites several names that eight years later would appear on the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list.

One of them is that of Raúl Flores Castro, son of "El Tío", whom he identifies as the "accountant" of the criminal organization run by his father and as one of the men related to the La Camelia bar.

"Rafael Cortés Flores and Moisés Flores Esparza are identified in our database as members of Raúl Flores Hernández's organization," added the document.

"El Tío" was arrested on July 20 in Zapopan, Jalisco, and today he is being held in the Federal Penitentiary of the Altiplano.

Google translated from: http://www.reforma.com/aplicaciones/articulo/default.aspx?id=1194516&v=4