"El Pantera" of Los Rojos Killed in Morelos

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"El Pantera" of Los Rojos Killed in Morelos


Sources confirmed that one of those shot yesterday in the Cuautla industrial park was Miguel Ángel Sosa Silva aka (El #5, El Pantera or El Sosa). He was third in command within the criminal organization Los Rojos after the fall of Santiago Mazari Hernández "El Carrete".

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection and the Government of Morelos, reported on the death of El Pantera on Friday, he was killed as he sat next to a woman aboard a vehicle in the vicinity of Ayala.

Personnel of Morelos Police Coordinated Command who participate in joint operations with federal authorities for the prevention and fight against crime, received a report at around 20:55 about gunshots heard at the aforementioned site.

Upon arrival they noticed a gray vehicle with 2 people on board. El Pantera & the woman were in a vehicle with license plates pertaining to the State of Guerrero on the Parque Industrial-Xalostoc road next to Pedregal Valley Fractionation in the municipality of Cuautla. The male was in the passenger seat with visible gunshot wounds while the woman sustained a head injury.

Medical services immediately confirmed the death of the man, while the woman had to be transferred to a hospital to receive medical care.

Authorities of the three levels of government carried out an operation to locate the alleged aggressors, but none have been detained.

According to information obtained, Miguel Sosa had a previous criminal record for Crimes Against Health and Violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives for which he was consigned to a federal prison in Tepic, Nayarit in 2012.

Original Articles: http://www.enonda.com.mx/wp/?p=2054 , https://www.debate.com.mx/policiacas/Matan-a-El-Pantera-en-Morelos-presunto-lider-de-Los-Rojos-20190907-0157.html