"El Marro" and the Cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima (Guanajuato)

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"El Marro" and the Cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima (Guanajuato)

Unlike many parts of Mexico, the southern part of the state of Guanajuato has, for the most part, escaped cartel violence, with the exception of occasional brief flareups that were attributed to Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacana, and Los Caballeros Templarios.  Nevertheless, over the years I have heard first and second hand accounts of unreported cartel activity.  In recent months something changed, killings have become all too common in the municipalities of Celaya, Apaseo el Grande, Apaseo el Alto, and Comonfort, and are being widely reported.  

Until very recently I had no idea what was going on until a second hand source of information told me enough information that I was able to connect the dots online: "El Marro", the leader of the so called Cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima.

According to online sources, Jose Antonio YĆ©pez Ortiz, alias "El Marro", belongs to a criminal group from Santa Rosa de Lima, Guanajuato and is either its leader, or possibly head of sicarios.  State authorities state he leads a group dedicated to fuel thefts (last month they named him as their number one objective out of twenty individuals), but online sources say he is involved in killings, kidnappings, extortion, and drug sales as well.  His closest associates are Fabian Lara Belman, alias "La Vieja", Noe Lara Belman, alias "El Puma", and Jose Mario Lara Mendoza, alias "El Magia".