"Do what you want with the people; my family you do not touch"

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"Do what you want with the people; my family you do not touch"

by Sanjuana Martínez

The question was concise and straightforward: Do you deliver us your family or deliveries we the people? Said German Zaragoza Sanchez, identified as El Canelo, chief square Los Zetas, the PAN mayor Sergio Lozano, who did not hesitate to answer: Hagan what they want with the people; my family do not touch .

So Ana Maria Sandoval Carrizales, mother disappeared: "The mayor himself told us, he repeated as if seeking justification: 'I asked the people or my family' ... and gave the people! Sure, he has his whole family, others do not , "says crying, remembering the extermination which for some years has happened in this place ravaged by drug violence, especially Los Zetas in collusion with the authorities of Coahuila.

Ana Maria is the mother of Wilibaldo Martin Sandoval, who disappeared on March 3, 2012 in this place, where they exterminated or disappeared more than 300 people. This happened in front of the mayor Sergio Lozano, everything was happening under their noses. In front of his house and in front of the presidency there completely burned houses. Where was he? Here, but he and the police did nothing because everyone is involved in the same .

Since you enter this place burned houses and destroyed exhibit traces of the slaughter and the breakdown of the social fabric that exists in Coahuila: Every day we looked who were burning and looting houses in broad daylight, in front of the police and they helped them against the mayor, but we thought it was not going with us. I felt that this was not my case until I went about my son .

José Wilibaldo worked at the thermoelectric plant in Nava, Coahuila, but Los Zetas demanded that he do it for them, what the young man refused: One day, my son did not come. I was very worried and called the municipal headquarters. I say that he is arrested for taking on public roads. So was my son to leave for lunch, while getting 300 pesos fine .

But Ana Maria left work at 11 pm and was until the next day to pay: Policemen Jose Luis Zertuche and Jorge Campos stared each other and ignored me .

-What's up? -Les Want to see my son said.

He already came out, and went to six o'clock.

-How? If you have not paid the fine, and you do not jump without huaraches. Here I bring the money.

'I told him I reply that it is not so tense the police Zertuche.

Ana Maria then went to look at the health center, but could not find: "Then when I arrived at work, a colleague told me, 'Your son came looking for you . Goes well hurt, they beat El Canelo and El Cubano ', and sure enough, when I got home I saw him well beaten. His brother bath, heal because he was beaten all of his body, his back, legs. They did a lot of damage. "

The police beat me , he said. "They opened the cell to also beat me El Canelo, Juan Romo, El Cubano and Jesus La Vaca. Then they took me away and forced me to work in several parts, but me they ran away and came hitchhiked to the house" he said Wilibaldo at night before sleeping at home.

Ana Maria, left at six o'clock to work, charging her other son who attend his brother. That after the 10 am arrived home the same men:

"They came in and out of bed to Willy, he was asleep. They dragged him away without shoes. They were also taken to Luis Angel, my other son; beating them and dragging climbed into a van. My daughter and my grandchildren were there. There are more witnesses because we live in front of a school; It was recess time and everyone saw. A teacher saw how took and beat him.

I already told you that I will not work with you, and Let her whatever you want! , Have they managed to shout before uploading pushed into the van.

Another brother who was there observed the kidnapping: "I could not do anything, were armed. Luis Angel already had top of the van and took him dragging Willy. If you were trying to do something I would have also taken me.

They never took statements

Ana Maria is outraged: There was no where to put the complaint, or who to ask for help, if the police themselves were integrated into the same. We hope, and in the afternoon a municipal patrol arrived with my son Luis Angel, who came very hurt with broken ribs and burned.

-What happened? Where is your brother? he asked.

Mommy, I can not take lies. My brother was already badly hurt, tortured. We both tortured, we burned the body with lighters and we threw gasoline. My brother was sliced ​​back to remove the tattoo scorpion. They tortured lot. I saw when he was hit in the head with a plank. It vanished. They killed him.

With deep pain, Ana Maria tried to find his son. He denounced what happened, but authorities never took them Allende statement. That the prosecutor Francisco Rodriguez Carranco said: Better leave it , for your safety. Not report . And she said, I'm not afraid because I have not done anything, and you walk in the same .

One day in Piedras Negras knew were taking DNA samples from relatives of missing and found the organization Familias Unidas and filed the complaint. Now he suffers because his son Luis Angel is imprisoned for crimes they say, it manufactured .

Here people were brought as a natural thing. There was no respect for anything. Kidnapped, they burned their properties. The municipal police were ransacking the houses. Nobody helped us. Do the state police were blind and deaf? Where was the governor Humberto Moreira? Where were the authorities? They are supposed to have all information. Moreira reacted until he touched his blood and killed the son. It was when he jumped and quickly found the murderer. There it did have pants. To us it has not given us the face, nor his brother, the current governor Ruben Moreira.

Finally, those who participated in the murder of his son were arrested: "These people are being held in different prisons. El Canelo is in Piedras Negras, La Vaca and Juan Romo in Ciudad Juarez. A The Cuban will put a bail of 80,000 pesos and let him go and went to the United States. And what about my son, what?. "

He adds: "El Canelo (Germán Zaragoza Sanchez) was well known here in Allende and in the region of Los Cinco Manantiales, not only because he was with Los Zetas, but because he was classmate of my children and all the friends of the people ; It was another neighbor. We meet his family, his mom and dad. "

Ana Maria sighs, recalls that before the killing of villagers in these streets, people came out to have fun and the kids played ball. "Now we go to work, but do not know if we will return. I do not ask anything because the government only gives us gruel with your finger. Now the authorities have changed all statements of witnesses to the abduction of my son. I just want the truth. I want those people who participated in the death of my son tell me where they left off . I'm asking a confrontation with El Canelo to know where I left him and why he did it . My son was an innocent boy. "

Search Familias Unidas

Juanita Hernandez Enriquez, 52, belongs to Familias Unidas, an organization founded by Hortensia Rivas, after the disappearance of her son. Both have integrated brigades forensic search of missing relatives in different parts of the Republic. The last time he walked in Allende and Piedras Negras: It feels very ugly view clandestine graves and wastelands. It feels very sad to find remains , says Juanita.

Seven years ago, his son Jose Angel Diaz Enriquez, 32, disappeared in Allende. He devoted himself to the purchase of plastic in the landfill and then sell it in Morelos, Coahuila. One day he went to work and never returned.

"Back then there was the tumbadero home. Many people were taken; we do not know who made ​​them, although it has said it killed them . They were too many people, more than 300. The Zetas went together with municipal police and they were all the same, the same that lifted people in front of the mayor. The policemen escorting the Zetas. "

Juanita has not lost hope of finding his son: We want justice. We want to know where our missing are. Coahuila authorities have not resolved anything to us. At Moreira what we ask is to know where they are. If they were killed, we know where the bodies are. Many people have not put complaint for fear, there is still much fear.