mazatleco leader dies in shootout

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mazatleco leader dies in shootout

Los Mochis , Sinaloa.- One of the last leaders of the local clan calling itself narcomenudistas Mazatlecos that had control of the receiverships Villa Gustavo Diaz Ordaz , in the municipality of Ahome and Jahuara in El Fuerte was killed in a dirt road linking the ejido Insurgentes with fishing Agiabampo field in the state of Sonora.
It is Conrado Ramon Torres Lizarraga, Conrad , who lived in the village Sinaloa Martyrs in receivership villa Gustavo Diaz Ordaz , the Carrizo .

According to police reports Sonora , east and one of his henchmen unidentified so far were found dead last Friday aboard a Chevrolet , maroon , without license plates , accusing bullets truck. In the place they were found rubble for long and short arms fire.
So far there is no indication on the murderers and in accordance with the Sonora State Police Investigator also no information on the events , except for the discovery of the bodies and the unit shot dead .

Reports of police state that Conrad would have been the intellectual and material author of the attack with bullets against the peasant leader , Cecilio Gamez Portillo, perpetrated in mid- September 2013 , when from the unidentified dark subjects they shot the residence of the representative ejido . This defended his home and his integrity responding with bullets shots .
According to the report, The Conrad allegedly ordered the attack because he felt that the ejido leader betrayed him to the police, whose operatives escaped several times.

The report also states that Torres Lizarraga and responsible for the recent murders of individuals who ever worked with him.
The police chief , Gerardo Yellow Gastélum confirmed that Ramon Conrado Torres Lizarraga was a goal for the corporation , but this had escaped operating already at his heels .