Zetas murder, torture, and control prison in Piedras Negras

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Zetas murder, torture, and control prison in Piedras Negras

Tacuache bodeguero
--Some of this has already been reported on but there is some additional info and other crazy shit

The authorities of Coahuila knew that the Los Zetas cartel used public facilities such as the Piedras Negras municipality jail to carry out murders, torture and other criminal activities, a report said today.

"What happened in that prison was an extermination camp subsidized by the state only 6 kilometers from the US border," explained Jacobo Dayán, one of the authors of "El Yugo Zeta.  Norte de Coahuila 2010-2011", presented today in Mexico City and that indicates the "responsibility by direct action or omission" by state officials in those crimes.

The facts go back to 2010, when the aforementioned prison was under the total control of Los Zetas, who subjected the rest of the prisoners to their will, decided visiting hours, traded with drugs, recruited, hired assassins and left the prison when they wanted.

"Those who violated the rules were tortured in the ​​maximum security area of the prison," said Dayán, who said that both inmates and residents of the surrounding areas were killed and burned inside the prison or in nearby public facilities such as a municipal dump or a football field.

Another of the authors of the report, Sergio Aguayo, assured that the Government of Coahuila, "protected the prison and did not let the federal government enter without the permission of the director of the center, who was appointed by the Zetas."

Also, the report investigates the wave of violence unleashed by the Zetas in Piedras Negras, Allende and other municipalities in northern Coahuila between March 18 and 21, 2011, which claimed the lives of dozens of people - there are no official figures - and was silenced by the state authorities.

US authorities involved

According to the investigation, the United States had a hand in this wave of violence since someone from the United States Anti-Drug Department (DEA) informed the Los Zetas leadership that they had been reported by a Coahuila lieutenant.

As revenge, the group murdered men, women and children in the region. The authorities of Coahuila were aware of this, since they received 100 calls reporting fires, many of them the result of the burning of people, according to the report.

Both the executions in the prison and the violence unleashed in the region showed what is like living in the north of Coahuila state between 2010 and 2011 "these were not isolated events, but an organized crime network" of which "state officials ignored" , the authors concluded.

Violation of human rights

The current head of human rights in Coahuila, Federico Garza, said that the state executive has investigated the events during the last six years and recalled that, at present, the prison of Piedras Negras has the third best score in all of Mexico.

However, many of the criminal proceedings arising from organized crime during those years "are contaminated by multiple errors," denounced Ariana García, member of the Familias Unidas Association.

The state of Coahuila did not participate in the assistance of the families and handed out death certificates with identification errors. Therefore, Garcia expressed the need for the federal government to assume the investigation and punish "those who did not fulfill their duty to protect citizens."

A study by the University of Texas reported two weeks ago that the close ties between the Los Zetas cartel and officials in Coahuila facilitated rape and human rights abuses.

Formed in 1999 with military deserters, the Zetas were born as an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, but in March 2010 they broke with that organization and since then they have perpetrated numerous massacres in their struggle to gain territories.

Among them, the massacre of 72 undocumented in the municipality of San Fernando, in Tamaulipas, in August 2010 and the murder in 2011 of 27 peasants in the Guatemalan region of Petén.

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Re: Zetas murder, torture, and control prison in Piedras Negras

Thank you for the translate.