What if Mexico was run by a Cartel?

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What if Mexico was run by a Cartel?

Just like Wikileaks has revealed, Russia is a "Mafia" state, and apparently the Kremlin has ties to the Russian mafia.   Who got Russia out of that shit hole, and made it into a respectable country in the 20th century, Vladimir Putin.  A man who the United States accuses to have ties to the Russian mafia as revealed by the wikileak link provided.  

Think Mexico can do the same?  Absolutely, lets just create it into a drug country, and let legitimate businesses run their drug companies.   The US has over the counter synthetic drugs, that are equally addicting, and can potentially kill you, so why not in Mexico do the same with our drugs?  Yeah, I know those drugs are addicting and can easily kill the user, just like tobacco, alcohol, and over the counter medication, but the educated individual will have a much smaller chance of using them.  A few educational commercial telling our younglings not to do drugs, and voila!  Only the dumb ones will use them and survival of the fittest will take effect.

Now that our country is ran by drugs, we can worry about tackling poverty, and further educating Mexico's future.  Maybe create the next big drug after Meth, and reap the profits.  We Mexicans need to stop fucking our selfs over, and fuck over the others who love consuming our will be "over the counter" drugs who mainly live in the United States and Europe.  We can let the US and Europe worry about the drugs going in, and we can finally start worrying about Mexico's well-being.  

Mexico has the potential to be the next world power, just like China, we just need to stop fucking ourselves over.