What are the solutions to the problem of organized crime and the violence associated with it in Mexico?

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Re: What are the solutions to the problem of organized crime and the violence associated with it in Mexico?

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I actually got a headache thinking about all the varied responses to the thread's main topic.  My thoughts swirling around like bees in my cabeza.  Which is actually a good thing.

The thread is focused on Mexico and the USA... But also includes international or global items. I like this more holistic perspective because illicit addicting drugs are like toxic air pollution.  Drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers,  are literally everywhere including the Islamic nations.

 Further, (loosely ) these various kinds of drug addicts are really "us"  in myrid guises.  Let me list a few obvious and odd ones that come to mind from near or personal professional clinical and research experiences: street whores, call girls and gigalo, common junkies, prisoners and gangsters of all kinds,, business owners, gamblers, housewives, construction workers, field workers, athletes, actors, bankers, judges, politicians, research scientists, medical doctors and nurses, priests, and even newborn infants in treatment!  While I knew some in depth,  many I only knew superficially.  But, all I've known "collectively" is that just plain living can be a painful ordeal for man... even if they are the admired, high status, revered, wealthy, very healthy, well educated, and physically gorgeous.

  To me, it has been a Eureka discovery that virtually everyone has at least one misery parasites eating at  them.  I admit, I have my share (I pass for a regular guy among friends and neighbors... I think???) .

 In short, anyone who is in physical. psychic pain is a potential user of pain killers or mood altering drugs ( Including coffee...I love it and feel refreshed and more alert after a cup).

 But, as we know, these drugs cause parasitic addictions and many secondary consequences that in turm modify behaviors in antisocial ways.  

These are the metaphoric parasites of drug addiction that bedevil the whole world must fight in a unified  manner like high thinking monkies that we are.

Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications of all kinds has triggered a new Era on Earth... A dramatic paradigm shift that is occurring right under our noses. This AI era is touching ( or will touch) virtually all human institutions behaviors.  This certainly applies to crime, violence, and many other things. Already in China this is alredy happening ( Shoshana Zuboff, "The Age of Surveillance  Capitalism" 2019).

So, again,  my main point here is that we may be at a good point in world history to, "Deal with the problems of addicting substances in global humanistic (or police state?) ways that is scientifically integrated,  politically and economically  viable.  

Today  the USA and other Western nations are intricately entangled in solving the problems of illicit addicting  drugs (( including "licit" alcohol, nicotine,  gasoline and solvents,  and even sugars and fats that cause obesity, and other health problems)).

So, I predict, that AI (in its many guises) is already playing a role in dealing with the drug abuse problems in the world .... I hope not like in the book "Brave New World" and other dystopian stories.

Reactions please, amigos.
Please, pardon my grammar and keyboarding errors