Violence rages in the Pacific: 10 dead in Sinaloa and Jalisco 7 in the last few hours

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Violence rages in the Pacific: 10 dead in Sinaloa and Jalisco 7 in the last few hours

Two of the country's most violent states, Jalisco and Sinaloa, reported this morning ten and seven respectively killed in separate incidents.

During the last few hours, at least 10 people have died violently in different parts of Sinaloa, said the Attorney General of the State (PGJE). Four of the deaths occurred in the town of Sinaloa de Leyva, where two suspects dead clashed with members of a Joint Urban Operations Base (Bomu) on February 5 Concentration ejido. The bodies have not been identified.

In the vicinity of the receivership of Naranjo station in the same village, two bodies were found buried in a clandestine manner. At the site there were 15 shell casings from AK-47 rifle. In Culiacan, two people died when they were shot in one of the streets of the colony Almada, while in Santa Fe fractionation, Pedro Luis Felix Rios, 40, was killed in the same way, and in the town Agua Salada, Mocorito Township, a man was killed by a bullet to the head. In Mazatlan, a stranger was found half buried in the ejido El Castillo. Apparently died of asphyxiation. In Navolato, a person was found dead floating in the waters of Channel 7, belonging to the receivership of San Pedro.

Meanwhile, seven people were killed in the evening in separate incidents in troubled municipalities of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco Zapotlanejo and Cocula. The first case occurred in the colony's close together, Tlaquepaque. A 17-year-old identified as Camilo Ascencio Maceda was riddled with at least five gunshot wounds to the face, back, abdomen and legs. According to local press reports, the attackers fled in a Dodge Ram and a gray Toyota Camry car. Later, in the center of Zapotlanejo reported the death of two persons, the criminal police and an element at the intersection of Vicente Guerrero and Revolution.

Two policemen arrested the criminal, who was aboard a motorcycle without license plates, pulled a 9 mm pistol and fired. Diego Armando Lupercio The officer, 24, received a gunshot wound and died bleeding. The alleged criminal was also killed in the attack. More than 10 forensic personnel patrols escorted to uniformed body was taken to the morgue.

In Zapopan three men were killed by two people who broke into the bar La Media Luna, a woman survived. The reports say authorities within the business, located on Avenida Las Torres, among Extension Mezquite The Colli and had employees and customers who took refuge among the tables and the bar. Even one of the deceased tried to run but was hit by the bullets out of the room. Experts of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences located more than 20 caps in place.

 Finally, in the Municipality of Cocula reported the execution of a man, however, on the orders of senior police officers of the municipal police station was not provided more information about the case.
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