(Video) Mexico City- Well-known reggaeton musician executed in Itzapalapa

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(Video) Mexico City- Well-known reggaeton musician executed in Itzapalapa

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Rolex Stylee in music video

OCTOBER 15, 2020

Itzapalapa, CDMX-  The reggaeton musician “Rolex Stylee” was shot to death in Iztapalapa in Mexico City, on Wednesday night.  

The young man was an ex-convict who was actually named David and who was prosecuted for drug dealing, who after leaving prison set up an internet cafe and also dedicated himself to composing music and videos that he shared on his YouTube channel.  

On Wednesday night, David was at his premises, located at 16 Francisco Álvarez del Castillo Street, between Pino Suárez and Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, in the San Antonio neighborhood.  

His friend Eduardo “N” came to the cybercafe to deliver some cassettes, but minutes before 9:00 p.m. they heard the sound of a motorcycle, from which the attacker descended and went towards the YouTuber.  

According to a witness to the attack, the attacker shouted:  "Ya valió carnal" ("It was worth it") and shot him five times, according to what he told the police.  

Hearing the gunshots, Eduardo tried to take cover, but the hitman — tall, large, and covered with a cap and mask — shot him in the right leg.  

Wounded, the witness crawled to a neighbor's house to ask for help.  His mother arrived there, alerted by other neighbors and when checking the wound saw that a bullet sllug from his pants. Later, paramedics took him to the hospital.  

The mortally wounded body of "Rolex Stylee" was left on the floor. Paramedics also came to treat him but when they arrived at the hospital, he was already deceased.   

The first investigations reveal that the YouTuber "Rolex Stylee" was once imprisoned for engaging in the sale of narcotics, although it was not specified in which prison or the time he served his sentence.  

When he got out of jail, David and other friends dedicated themselves to putting together reggaeton videos that they spread on the Internet. In one of the recordings, David is seen singing along with several young people who carry pistols, an AR-15 rifle, and bulletproof vests.    

They are seen aboard luxury trucks through the streets of Iztapalapa, drinking beer and smoking marijuana cigarettes.   

The song talks about how the enemies are executed: "Under glass and I unload them in rapapapatatan ... rapapapatatan ... under glass and I unload them ...".  

In addition, the lyrics speak of his "brothers" who have fallen, referring to those who have died and those who are in jail in the different prisons of the city.   

The Mexico City Attorney's Office investigates whether the homicide is related to drug dealing and checks the security cameras in the area to obtain clues from the attacker.  

After the death of "Rolex Stylee" became known, the video was deleted from the YouTube platform, but we leave you another of his topics.
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Re: (Video) Mexico City- Well-known reggaeton musician executed in Itzapalapa

Sad what happened to him.Has a pretty good voice but that cheap video is so tacky with all those women on the bed dry humping with all that cash.Reminds me of some Jamaaican men I knew ( isn't this reggae music?)in Toronto who were all about the bling with oversized gold chains and their mission in life was to screw and have mama babies with as many girls as they could and it didn't matter who or when anyone would do.