Video - Ags - One man assassinated, one abducted from cafe' in Aguascalientes

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Video - Ags - One man assassinated, one abducted from cafe' in Aguascalientes


by Redacción Tribuna
Monday, September 14, 2020 09:19

Aguascalientes, Ags.- A man was illegally deprived of his life by armed individuals at the La Tejuinera bar in Aguascalientes.

Security cameras recorded the moment when 3 subjects get out of a car to enter the bar and kidnap the victim from the public place. Another camera inside captured when a man pulls out a firearm and goes to the table where his target is.

Later, another of the subjects picks up the victim and takes him away; while a third accomplice who was guarding the door, shot an employee in the head and later escaped.

The State Attorney General's Office reported that it was Ramiro Jiménez , 40, who lost his life instantly, while the kidnapped person was identified as Humberto Martínez, 35, who had a criminal record for crimes against health.

(Note:  It's clear that the person in the blue shirt gets abducted and the person who was sitting across from him gets shot (at top of screen), but uncertain if the person sitting on the right side in black/white sleeves facing forward is injured.  The armed person looks like he may have struck him in the head, but didn't shoot him because he seems okay at the end of the video.  The person who was dining with the abducted individual may have also been an employee, unless another person outside of the video was shot.)