USD 14.5 billion laundered in Mexico

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USD 14.5 billion laundered in Mexico

A study by Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reports that in 2011 money laundering in Mexico reached almost 14.5 billion dollars, that is 232 billion pesos, of which 45 percent came from drug trafficking.

Also, the study indicates that 160 billion are flowing between the cartels across the borders of Mexico and the United States.

In addition, the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion (CESOP) of the Cámara de Diputados says laundering money in Mexico amounts to 82 percent of the expenditure of the Mexican Federation in 2012, a figure which the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) confirms to the point that there is a surplus of 160 billion to come from illegal activities.

Based on the above, it is clear that most of the money being laundered are: 41 percent from drug trafficking; 33% trafficking from people; 20% Piracy and 6% percent from fraud.

Meanwhile, the World Bank conducted calculations on money laundering, the flow across borders, corruption and tax evasion globally, determining that between a billion and 1.6 billion annually correspond to illicit money.
Of that, 40 billion dollars are proceeds of corruption in developing and transition countries.