Two "Zetas" sentenced in Texas for attempting to bribe a Judge

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Two "Zetas" sentenced in Texas for attempting to bribe a Judge

AUSTIN, Texas | Tuesday July 22, 2014 | AP | Universal | 22:54
The two Mexicans tried to bribe a federal judge

Two Mexican linked to the Zetas cartel were sentenced to one year and one day in prison for trying to bribe a federal judge, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Colorado Prime Francisco Agustín Flores and Ramon Segura, partners of that drug gang, must also pay a fine of $ 10,000 each, said federal prosecutors said in a statement.

The two defendants as well as Francisco Antonio Colorado Cessa, Augustine's father Francisco Colorado, pleaded guilty in March to try to offer a bribe of $ 1.2 million to the judge in exchange for a lesser sentence for Colorado father who is now serving 20 years in prison for laundering nearly $ 25 million in drug profits for the Zetas. The complex wash plan included the purchase and sale of 500 thoroughbred horses in the southwestern region of the country.

A federal confidential informant contacted Segura and put him in touch with two undercover FBI agents and police in Austin, who said they could deliver the bribe to the judge and asked for $ 25,000 for management.

The FBI and police in Austin Colorado recorded conversations between father and son in the Bastrop County Jail, where the defendants discussed how to bribe the judge.

Prosecutors say that the District Judge Sam Sparks did not participate in the plan.

The day he was sentenced to Colorado Cessa, Judge Sparks-he did not know of the plan to bribe-imposed the maximum sentence of 20 years. Hours later, federal agents arrested a Colorado Priming and Segura.

Colorado Cessa will be sentenced in October and faces a maximum of five years in prison for the attempted bribery.

The defendants were sentenced on Tuesday arrested Sept. 5 and will benefit from a reduced sentence to which convicts are entitled to more than one year in prison. Paul Nugent, attorney Segura said they have served their time and are expected to release and deport the short term.