Two months after their disappearance, more questions than answers about the Heaven 12

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Two months after their disappearance, more questions than answers about the Heaven 12

-they met two months after the kidnapping of 12 young people in the Heaven of the Federal District bar... and is not yet known where they are.

The General Prosecutor's Office of Justice of the Federal District (PGJDF) only has a solid idea: he doesn't know nothing Jerzy Ortiz Ponce, Said Sánchez García, Eulogio Fonseca Arreola, Alan Omar Athiencia Barranco, Gabriela Téllez Zamudio, Jennifer Robles González, Monserrat Loza Fernández, Josué Piedra Moreno, Arón Piedra Moreno, Rafael Rojas Marines, Karen Guadalupe Morales and Gabriela Ruiz Martínez.

"I know that this case can cost me my head...," said the Attorney General of the capital, Rodolfo Ríos, before the families of the disappeared. But his head or his career are least important.

The background is that the Federal District is already seat of organized crime with cartels supporting criminal organizations with drugs, weapons, money and hired assassins.

In Tepito. In Iztapalapa. Throughout the city. According to the Ministry of public security (SSP-DF) Mexico City, in the city of Mexico operate around 5 thousand "narco-tienditas". The Federal District Legislative Assembly (ALDF) figures reveal that there are more than 13 thousand. And they operate with impunity.

The saying goes that, at night, in Mexico City it is easier to "buy coca powder that coca in liquid".

The case, Heaven exposed the Federal District Government (GDF). It showed obvious flaws in the capital security system and exhibited both Attorney  Rio and the head of Government, Miguel Angel Mancera, who, since the beginning of this tragedy, did not even understood what they faced.

Mancera and Rios have made error after error: "There is no evidence that were in the place...", they hinted lightly about the tepiteños. Go irresponsibility. Videos and ministerial statements exposed his risky hypothesis.

"Are not hostages... are only absent". Again the official lie supplementing effective investigation. The  criminal judge in the Reclusorio Oriente, Hermelinda Silva, issued detention to Mario Alberto Rodríguez Ledezma, Gabriel Carrasco and Andrés Estuard Henonet, for "aggravated kidnapping" from the Heaven.

Not that there was no kidnapping, Mr Mancera? In desperation, the PGJDF wanted to play a card style handlebar: manufacturing guilty, and already prepared the ground to blame the massive kidnapping on Armando Hernández Gómez, "The oyster", Member of "The Union" of Tepito.

However, "The oyster" was more vivid: you carried out a parallel investigation and to be apprehended, showed evidence that he had nothing to do with it.

They freed him on Monday but it has again been detained now by the PGR, which, at the request of families of the disappeared, asked the federal appeal of the case. And because the lawyer of the families of the missing tepiteños, Ricardo Martínez Chávez, legally built the Heaven case, and after the misdeeds, lies and hesitation of the PGJDF, was that the PGR arrested a key character in this story: Ernesto Espinoza Lobo, majority owner of the Club.

And now that they met two months after the abduction of twelve young people - and beyond settling scores for control of the drug-United States routes, the question remains: Where are the disappeared of the Heaven? ***

 Until today, these are the faces and the names of those in ministerial declarations have been designated as those who allowed the abduction of 12 young people in the Heaven bar: Los prófugos. Imágenes taken during the investigación The fugitives. Images taken from the research (

Ernesto Espinoza Wolf. "The Wolf". Owner of the Heaven. Apprehended by the PGR. Accused of support and allow the mass kidnapping. Son of former Commander of the AFI, Ernesto Espinoza Cabrera. It has reserved its right to declare.

( 2) Mario Alberto Rodriguez Ledezma. "Moschino". Member of the bar. Arrested and pointed out by Gabriel Carrasco, "El Diablo" (Chief of security of the place), ask employees who support to kidnap the tepiteños.

( 3) Dax Rodriguez Ledezma. Mario Alberto's brother. Its calcined body was found in Huitzilac, Morelos, along with the bodies of his cousin, Heidi Fabiola Rodríguez, and Diana Guadalupe Velasco, 18 years of age. They had been abducted in Iguala, Guerrero.

( 4) Ismael Garcia Polo. "The pole". The nightclub Manager. Fugitive. One of the characters designated by "The devil" as one of those responsible for the boost of the tepiteños and key case Heaven.

( 5) Gabriel Carrasco Ilizaliturri. "The devil". Security Chief of the bar. Already arrested. He said that Espinoza Wolf, the brothers Rodríguez Ledezma and "El Polo", gave them the order "that in those days had to support, so a boost will take place, i.e., would be put to a few subjects, apparently of Tepito, they lifted them".

( 6) Andres Estuard Henonet Gonzalez. "El Diablo" driver. He was out of the Heaven supporting the arrival of the command that took the tepiteños. ***

These are some involved characters directly in the kidnapping of 12 young people in the Heaven bar, at around 11:30 hours on Sunday, May 26. But there are more.

The conflict was due to the dispute of the corridor area Rosa-Condesa by drug sales. But, were the kidnapping decided only by Espinoza Wolf, the brothers Rodríguez Ledezma and Garcia Polo? Evidence, statements and the modus operandi, the answer appears to be no.

Then, is organized crime are behind the boost? To who obeys the command that led to the tepiteños? Who sent them to kidnap them?

There are still those answers to be found.
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Re: Two months after their disappearance, more questions than answers about the Heaven 12


12 bodies is a lot to hide somewhere in a city with nowhere to hide. There is still so much to this story that is baffling.