Two men kidnapped and tortured by la Union de Tepito in CDMX rescued by police

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Two men kidnapped and tortured by la Union de Tepito in CDMX rescued by police

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Two men terrorized by La Unión de Tepito are rescued

They were kidnapped  and locked in an apartment in the dangerous neighborhood; they showed signs of torture and burns, authorities say

Carlos Jiménez -
December 12, 2017

They found them tied with packing tape and with traces of torture. With their face and clothes bathed in blood, with burns and wounds on their faces, arms, and nostrils ... that's how Mexico City police officers rescued a couple of men who were abducted by members of the Union of Tepito and locked in a department of the dangerous neighborhood.

It was this weekend when the agents assigned to the downtown area of ​​the city, saved Julio, 38, and Fidel, 27.

There, in an apartment located in the 72nd neighborhood of Peñón Street, the two were apparently locked up as revenge among rival groups dedicated to the sale of drugs.

The men claim that the subjects who kidnapped them threatened to take their lives.

Because of the type of torture wounds that their bodies presented, the authorities believe that their aggressors are part of the same group of subjects who have left lifeless bodies in different points of the Cuauhtémoc delegation.

And it is said that Julio and Fidel were found with wounds similar to those presented by these corpses.

According to the authorities' reports, the agents found the two men after little more than 12 hours of captivity. They found them at the intersection of Constancia and Toltecas streets. They were injured and asked for help.

They said that on Friday afternoon they were in a taxi going through the Republic of Brazil Street when they were kidnapped by three men and a woman who threatened them and took them to the apartment on Peñon Street. There they were tortured.

Fidel's arm was missing part of the skin, and his nostrils were burned.

The medical report details that they had deep second degree burns on both forearms, puncture wounds on both sides of the neck and burns on their face and nostrils.

When they saw them wounded, the agents asked for help from an ambulance, they took them out and took care of them. Then they went to find the place where they were held hostage.

Julio and Fidel assured them that they had gone to buy some records from Tepito, they said that they were just passing by. In the end they did not really tell what they were doing there and why they supposed they had been targeted.

The A202 department of Tower A was secured by the police who are now investigating whether more people had been tortured at that place. And it is that in the place they found spots of blood in floors and walls, besides rolls of packing tape and cords.
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Re: Two men kidnapped and tortured by la Union de Tepito in CDMX rescued by police

I wonder if they had escaped or were let go?