They transfer dangerous inmates in Tamaulipas

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They transfer dangerous inmates in Tamaulipas


 Dangerous inmates in the prisons of Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, Altamira and Victoria were transferred to federal prisons with a spectacular display of security, confirmed authorities of the Sanctions Enforcement Centers (Cedes).

In Nuevo Laredo, the deployment of anti-riot police, State Police, Special Police and the Ministerial Investigador drew attention and surprised family members of inmates who lined up to enter. Almost simultaneously, the extraction of prisoners from the Cedes of the state capital was reported, and in the Altamira Prison there was a great mobilization for the transfer of the person in charge of the self-government of the penitentiary population. In Reynosa and Matamoros, the staff prepared to receive the transferred prisoners.

According to close sources, some highly dangerous prisoners, such as the former leaders of the Gulf Cartel, "El Pelochas" or "M28" and "El Panilo" or "M100", along with "El Pantera 16" would be sent to Nayarit.