They recapture Israeli narco in Mexico

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They recapture Israeli narco in Mexico

A joint operation of Mexico, the United States and Colombia allowed the recapture in a Mexican resort in Cancun, Quintana Roo, of an alleged Israeli drug trafficker who tried to escape from Colombian territory, announced Sunday night. official sources of the South American country.

Without being aware of a surveillance operation monitored against him, the Israeli, identified as Bonen Asaf, was allowed to leave at 2:00 pm on Saturday (same time from Mexico City) of Colombia, but upon entering Mexico, was arrested by Mexican authorities and returned today to Colombian soil, where he remained under house arrest for eight days.

The information was provided by MigraciĆ³n Colombia, a dependency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that nation. In a recount of the events, MigraciĆ³n Colombia revealed that "in a controlled procedure and working jointly with authorities in Mexico and the United States," Asaf was recaptured, arrested eight days ago in the Colombian city of Cartagena for a case of drug trafficking.