They find 166 skulls in clandestine graves of Veracruz

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They find 166 skulls in clandestine graves of Veracruz

In what has been one of the largest mass graves discovered so far in Mexico, the prosecutor's office discovered 166 skulls and were able to make 144 identifications.

The discovery of several clandestine graves in Veracruz, where the remains of 166 people have been found, returns to remove the macabre side of Mexico , a country hit by violence.

They find 32 clandestine graves in Alvarado, Veracruz
It was in Alvarado, Veracruz, in a place known as "El Arbolillo" where they found in 32 clandestine graves, 166 skulls of people killed and buried, in what has been one of the largest mass graves yet discovered in Mexico.

It is a macabre finding that has shocked the entire country. In the Arbolillo, the prosecution has worked since August 8 to find the remains of these people, after a man declared that hundreds of bodies had been buried there and took them to the place where these victims were clandestinely buried of the crime.

Veracruz state prosecutor Jorge Winckler said he said the bodies were buried at least two years ago and did not rule out finding more remains.

In addition to the skulls, more than 200 pieces of clothing and 144 identifications were found that will now show relatives of the disappeared, because nothing else in Veracruz has reported more than 7 thousand.

At a press conference, the prosecutor invited all persons who have missing relatives and who have not made the corresponding report to approach the State Attorney General to take samples and can make genetic comparisons with the remains found. Likewise, he requested the collaboration of the Scientific Division of the Federal Police so that the bodies found have a name and surname, and can be delivered to their families.

The researchers used drones, probes and a radar that penetrated the ground to locate the wells and began digging about a month ago.

Veracruz has been highlighted as a territory of struggle between drug cartels
Veracruz was the scene of bloody territorial battles between the drug cartels of Los Zetas , the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva GeneraciĆ³n, but the state also suffered waves of kidnappings and extortion.

According to official figures, from 2006 to date more than 34 thousand people disappeared; and from 2010 to 2017 the authorities discovered 343 clandestine graves . Authorities say many of these people could be in clandestine graves where organized crime buries people who kill.