The rise and fall of El Yeyo Lopez Falcon

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The rise and fall of El Yeyo Lopez Falcon


Edelio López Falcón "El Yeyo" was a character who started his business with a flower shop and whose name became famous when he turned his back on his former Tamaulipas associates and began to traffic drugs for Sinaloan drug traffickers.

Born in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, in 1965, López Falcón  was linked at least since 2000 with Marco Arturo Beltrán Leyva "El Barbas", operator of the Juárez Cartel in Nuevo León and direct partner of Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada and Ignacio Coronel, according to reports from the Attorney General's Office.

Since then, he was a target of the Army, the PGR and Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, then leader of the Gulf Cartel, but of all the operatives and attacks managed to escape until May 2003 when a couple of sicarios executed him in Guadalajara, a city he visited to sell a horse.

A lover of ranchera music, this guy used the names of "Gilberto Salinas" and "Edelio Flores" to work in the legal field as an entrepreneur dedicated to the promotion of shows, restaurants and equine livestock, hence his other alias "The Lord of the Horses".

"El Yeyo," according to officials consulted, was not a violent trafficker. Nor did he have an arrest warrant, at least according to investigations of the then Specialized Unit against Organized Crime.

In 1999, according to an Army officer, Lopez Falcon attended his flower shop in Miguel Aleman, spent some seasons in Texas and tried to maintain a low profile, although he was already fully identified by the Ministry of National Defense.

Until then, he had formed an alliance with the family of Gilberto García Mena "El June", Fidel Hinojosa "El Choco", Ricardo Garza Manríquez, director of Public Security of Miguel Alemán, and Zeferino Peña Cuéllar "Don Zefe", then director of Municipal Police and today sought by the authorities [LeChef: Don Zefe is believed to hide in Cuba].

Reports from the PGR and the Army agree that "El Yeyo" began to have irreconcilable differences with "El June" at the moment in which he sought alliances with traffickers from some municipalities of the Tamaulipas border that were already working with Sinaloa capos. One of them was Rolando López Salinas "El Rolis". El Rolis suffered an attack on September 22, 2000 in Miguel Alemán, from which his driver Héctor Arias was injured. This aggression was attributed to "El June".

Just a few days later, on September 27, a group of six gunmen was captured in the middle of a shooting in Ciudad Camargo, thanks to an "anonymous" tip received by the Ministerial Police. The surprise was that the gunmen were from Culiacán and Guamúchil, and that they admitted to being hired by "El Rolis".

Another of the allies of "El Yeyo" was the late Dionisio Román García "El Chacho", a former officer of the Tamaulipas Police that the authorities related to the Carrillo Fuentes Cartel.

"El Chacho", which controlled drug trafficking in Nuevo Laredo, was "picked up" by an armed commando on May 13, 2002 at his home in Monterrey and his body appeared in the Tamaulipas town of Nuevo Progreso.

López Falcón jumped into the national press on May 13, 2001 when he managed to escape unharmed from an attack at the Expo de Monterrey, in a palenque where Vicente Fernández sang. It was said then that the attack was ordered by "El June", because his rival gave the information to capture him.

That version was dismissed yesterday by an official, who said that the attack was actually the work of the group of assassins called "Los Zetas", in the service of Osiel Cárdenas, because "El Yeyo" was the strongest rival in the area, backed by by the Juarez Cartel.

All the associates of "El Yeyo", and himself, were attacked by the Osiel Cárdenas group, but also all of their aggressors - and even the agents and soldiers who investigated him - fell before him.

Executed or imprisoned

"El June" ended in La Palma. The assassin who led the attack in Monterrey, Arturo Guzmán Decena "El Z-1", died in a shootout on November 21, 2002; Héctor Robles Duarte "El Cuñado", another of the gunmen who tried to kill him, ended up in the Reclusorio Norte.

Mario Roldán Quirino,  the FEADS official who had a line of investigation against "El Yeyo", was executed on February 21, 2002. Even General Ricardo Martínez Perea and two of his officers, who persecuted López Falcón, were sentenced to 15 years in prison, Martinez Perea is already released.

One of these officers, Lieutenant of Cavalry Javier Antonio Quevedo Guerrero, told the Military Prosecutor's Office that "El Yeyo" threatened him with death "because he had already knocked out many packages."

One of the last occasions in which he was publicly seen in Tamaulipas was on June 22, 2000, at the inauguration of the Mission Grill Restaurant, near Monterrey.

Officials consulted said that the presence of "El Yeyo" was due to the fact that he was María Eugenia Garza Díaz's boyfriend, the daughter of the owners of the restaurant. The last photo of López Falcón was also taken at a restaurant in Guadalajara.
Milenio Diario , to May 8, 2003
Column Reasons - Jorge Fernández Menéndez
The drug trafficker, the governor, the photo

Eudelio López Falcón, known as El Yeyo, ran out of luck: he had to be one of the long series of account adjustments among those who have tried to become the successors of Juan García Abrego in what was once called the Gulf cartel. El Yeyo was murdered in a restaurant in Guadalajara on Tuesday and it was quickly speculated that his death had been ordered by the people of Osiel Cárdenas.

It can be, especially taking into account the violence that has always surrounded the now guest of the penitentiary of La Palma, and how he have gotten rid of friends and enemies, and is the main characters of drug trafficking in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. After the fall of Juan García Abrego, different groups grew up in the area and two of them became the most important: Salvador Chava Gómez and Osiel Cárdenas, with the center of their operations in Matamoros. Other minor groups had strong influence in Nuevo Laredo (such as Los Texas or Los Chachos) and in Reynosa. But the challenge for these organizations was to define who would retain control of the Gulf, as Juan García Abrego had once been. Arrested and extradited to the United States, who occupied a good part of the Gulf area was the Juarez cartel.

But almost at the same time that Villanueva had to take the flight that would end with his arrest, in Mexico City, the two main operators of what was left of the Gulf cartel, Chava Gómez and Osiel Cárdenas, managed to escape, after bribing his guards from a security house where they were detained in Mexico City. They returned to Tamaulipas and the differences between the two were deepened (some sources say that the confrontation was for the love of a lady, actually because Osiel thought about realigning with the people of Juarez who had more and more weight in the Gulf area and in the state itself) and, finally, Chava Gómez appeared murdered in Matamoros inside his truck: no one would discuss the presence of Cárdenas in the area.

As part of these adjustments of accounts, the division between Eudalio López Falcón and Gilberto García Mena, nicknamed El June, occurred.  Both came from the main drug gateway to the United States on the border of Tamulipas and Texas, the municipality of Miguel Aleman. The control of that area deepened the division between the two. El Yeyo was then concentrated in Monterrey and began to grow an organization that, during the administration of Fernando Canales Clariond, always wanted to ignore: the Monterrey cartel. The arrest of El June would then come  in a related operation in the town of Guardados de Abajo, in April 2001 and a few days later, on May 13, a commando, in full Guadalupe fair in Monterrey, at four in the morning and immediately after the performance of Vicente Fernández tried to assassinate Yeyo, whom Osiel Cárdenas accused of having betrayed El June. With everything, and although it was public that the objective of the attack was El Yeyo, nothing happened. The Monterrey authorities kept insisting that the Monterrey cartel simply did not exist.

Maybe that was due to the magnificent relationships that El Yeyo had consolidated in Monterrey. An example, was published by the reporter Diego Osorno, on December 2 last in MILENIO Weekly.  There is a full-page commercial supplement that circulated in Monterrey on July 16, 2000, where the inauguration of the Misión Grill restaurant was held, located at kilometer 257.7 of the road that connects Monterrey with the municipality of Santiago.

The premises, owned by the Garza Díaz family, was inaugurated by the governor of the state Fernando Canales Clariond (current secretary of Economy) and his wife Angela Stelzer and the mayor of Santiago, Eduardo García Garza. The place was blessed by the priest Alejandro Leal. The commercial supplement that gave account of the inauguration displays nine large photos, in several of which appears, always in the foreground and among the main guests, who is identified in that text, as the businessman Eudelio López Falcón, whom a few months later the PGR would identify as Yeyo López, one of the main drug traffickers of the region and head of the Monterrey cartel, the same one the local authorities have not accepted its existence:

Now, in a restaurant less elegant than that and far from Monterrey, El Yeyo was killed by two hit men with two shots in the head. Quickly it was said that Osiel Cárdenas had finally executed his revenge. Maybe, but it should not be ruled out something simpler: fallen by Osiel, detained his principal lieutenants, everything indicates that the former partners and adversaries of the Tamaulipas groups, want to take control of drug trafficking in the region and finish annihilating those who could resurface in the area. For some time, Osiel Cárdenas worked in association with the Juarez cartel, but later broke up with them and one of their main men, Arturo Hernández González, nicknamed El Chaqui (recently arrested) and who managed the groups of assassins of that organization, offered up to two million dollars for the head of Osiel Cárdenas. At the same time, López Falcón, who had partnered with some groups in Juárez to operate in Monterrey, had to leave that city and settle in Guadalajara.

Everything indicates that perhaps it was a simple settling of accounts, but it is much more likely that he was eliminated as part of the restructuring of drug trafficking throughout the northern border after the blows received in recent months by most of the cartels . The truth is that Yeyo was no longer useful, that his contacts in Monterrey were now in other hands, that Osiel Cárdenas and his group were also detained, and that only two organizations have the possibility of taking advantage of that region for their business: the cartel de Juárez, which has been operating in the area for years or the Valencia cartel, which from Michoacán and Manzanillo receive drugs in the Pacific, take it to the center of the country, pass through Mexico City and Guadalajara and are trying to penetrate more and more in the northeast.
Nobody claimed the corpse of "El Yeyo" 
They study the local and federal authorities who killed the drug trafficker and how long he had to carry out operations in the capital of Jalisco

El Universal online ,  Mexico City, Wednesday, May 7, 2003

14:05 The body of the alleged drug trafficker Edelio López Falco, alias "El Yeyo" murdered in Guadalajara, has not been claimed by anybody. According to reports from Radio Network Monitor, federal and state authorities are focused on identifying the killers who killed the drug lord and how long they had carried out operations in the capital of Jalisco. Edelio "El Yeyo" López Falcón, one of the most wanted drug traffickers in northern Mexico, was allegedly shot dead when he was eating breakfast in a restaurant in Guadalajara, in the most recent of the 190 drug cartel executions of the last four months.

"El Yeyo" Lopez, who was also known as "The Lord of the Horses", among many other aliases, received three .45 caliber shots in the head when he was about to pay the bill. Next to him was a battle partner, Oscar "Coque" Preciado, who was unharmed.

The Investigative Police of Guadalajara looks for clues of the executors, who escaped at full speed in a white van, according to witnesses who, however, did not specify the subjects' appearance. The authorities took it for granted that "El Yeyo" had his days numbered. "He was dead in life, sooner or later they were going to hunt him and the same thing is going to happen to his cousin Rolando López Salinas", said a commander of the Ministerial Police.

"The Lord of the Horses" had escaped other attacks on his life, after trying to distance himself from the Gulf Cartel to which he belonged, to conduct himself independently in the drug trafficking business. At the time of his death the supposed promoter of shows and horse races had in his possession: a Rolex watch, a gold ring, a twister, four cell phones, a Nextel, 43 bills of 20 dollars each and 31 bills of 200 weights between your clothes, as well as a driver's license from the state of Texas. The capo led one of the groups that sought to seize the territory that controls the Gulf cartel, so it was considered one of the main enemies of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén and his organization, according to the Specialized Unit against Organized Crime (UEDO).

According to a recent report by the newspaper Reforma, in the first four months of the year there have been at least 190 executions with the characteristics of organized crime, in at least 14 localities in the country. If the identity of El Yeyo were confirmed, a strong blow would have been dealt to the group that had the sufficient capacity to challenge, in the area of ​​Tamaulipas and Nuevo León, to seize the territory of the Gulf cartel, following the arrest of Osiel Cárdenas, who it is presumed that in May 2001 he sent the group of Los Zetas hit men to execute López Falcón.

He is identified in a preliminary way as Edelio López Falcón, `El Yeyo`, enemy of Osiel Cárdenas, leader of the Gulf cartel
Gerardo Rico and Silvia Otero / Correspondent and reporter
El Universal, Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Guadalajara, Jal. In a restaurant in this city yesterday an entrepreneur was executed, who was later identified as a drug trafficker Edelio López Falcón, alias El Yeyo.

The capo led one of the groups that sought to seize the territory that controls the Gulf cartel, so it was considered one of the main enemies of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén and his organization, according to the Specialized Unit against Organized Crime (UEDO).

Authorities of the State Attorney's Office informed that the victim could be El Yeyo Falcón and the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) did not rule out that it could be him, so last night a group of agents traveled to Guadalajara to confirm their identity.

Sources of the federal dependency explained that in case of being the capo the PGR will attract the investigation of the homicide.

The execution was recorded in the afternoon at Café Madoka, located at the corner of Golfo de Cortés and Tarascos streets, in the Fraccionamiento Monraz, in this city.

According to witness statements, two white-clad individuals entered the room and pretended they were going to the bathroom. When passing by the table where the Monterrey businessman was accompanied by his friend Óscar Coque Preciado, one of the strangers took out a gun and shot him in the back.

Then the assassins fled in a car of recent model.

The deputy director of the Police of Guadalajara, Javier Martínez Espinosa, explained that the victim had at first sight three bullet wounds in the neck and confirmed that two men who posed as guests were the aggressors.

At the time of his death the supposed promoter of horse shows and races had in his possession: a Rolex watch, a gold ring, a twister, four cell phones, a Nextel, 43 bills of 20 dollars each and 31 bills of 200 weights between your clothes, as well as a driver's license from the state of Texas.

 "El Yeyo" was killed just like other characters in restaurants:

* The lawyer Leopoldo del Real Ibáñez, murdered on January 17, 1996 while at the Café Florian de Cintermex in Monterrey, also talked with a companion.

* Fernando Garza Guzmán, then Chief of Police, was killed just like "El Yeyo": Two men pretended to go to the bathroom, passed behind and fired to execute. The difference was that Edelio was sitting and recharging his head on the table. Real Ibanez fell to the floor.

* "The Lord of the Skies", Amado Carrillo Fuentes was at the "Bali-Hi" restaurant in Mexico City. The gunmen of the Arellano Félix headed by Fabián Martínez "El Tiburón" entered. They did not manage to kill him but it was a great shooting.

* Pablo de Tavira was executed when he was in the restaurant of a university in the State of Mexico.

* Two second-rate drug traffickers ended up executed in a Burger King restaurant in Mexico City. José Alberto Zamora Rodríguez and Humberto Javier Pereyra on February 6 of this year.

* Francisco Javier Arellano Felix  was about to be killed at the Discoteca Christine in Puerto Vallarta. He was captured by the group of Joaquín Guzmán Loera "El Chapo" Guzmán, but released almost immediately, clarifying that he was not enmity with him. He brought it against Ramón and Benjamín.

* The comedian Paco Stanley was executed after lunch at the restaurant "El Charco de las Ranas" in Mexico City.

* Mr. Cuauhtémoc Herrera Suástegui received several bullets when he tried to execute him when leaving the Imperial Hotel restaurant in Mexico City. In that same act the lawyer María Raquenel Villanueva of the City of Monterrey was injured.

* In Tijuana, Lorenio Fabela Montoya and Juan Diego Fabela were executed when they were in the restaurant "La Palapa" starting in 2000.

Surely Edelio "El Yeyo" López thought: Manuel García "El June" and Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, disappeared the death sentence against him. But he forgot that these debts in the drug trade are not forgotten. "El Yeyo" made mistakes that made him look bad as a drug trafficker. He arrived alone at the restaurant "Madoka", and occupied a table with his back to the diners, and not as usual, with his back to the wall and facing the door. Nobody noticed him.