The lack of security and other little problems

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The lack of security and other little problems

Gerardo has some interesting thoughts in his article titled ‘The lack of security and other little problems’

Gerardo: “……as we all know, it was not yesterday that Mexican politicians suddenly became corrupt. That began several decades ago.”

Corruption in Mexico started with the translator for Montezuma. After several translations the Spanish explorer told the translator to ask Montezuma where all of his Gold was. Montezuma told the translator where the gold was. The translator told the Spanish explorer that Montezuma would rather die than disclose the location of the gold.

Gerardo: “Why doesn't the government act against those companies that lend themselves to money laundering, for example? Dismantling the drug cartels financial systems must be a priority because it is the money, and not the weapons, that gives them such power. Without money they can not buy influence, they can not buy weapons or recruit henchmen. “

Maybe it’s too widespread and keeps the Mexican economy chugging along. With Mexico oil reserves declining, to the point of being referred to as Peak Oil – they have to find other sources of revenue so the politicians have something to steal.

Stable food items in Mexico, such as meat is the new money laundering system that is ruining the market in the long-term, wherein cash is paid to a producer for fair market value – in cash. The money launder approaches buyers (grocery stores, further processors etc) before live product is slaughtered, fabricated and offers the buyers a supply priced well under the market, with 30 day terms. The buyer pays by check, thus cleaning the money. Honest businesses are being put out of business because of this money laundering scheme.