The end of narcocorridos?

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The end of narcocorridos?

Although in several states of Mexico are prohibited, narcocorridos remain one of the most distinctive hallmarks of regional Mexican music . Great figures such as  Alfredo Rios "El Komander" and Los Tigres del Norte , fill real estate to the beat of songs that extol the lives of criminals. Despite how lucrative it is to sing to crime, there is a new generation of artists who have decided to move away from that style and have their reasons.

"There is already a lot of violence in the world and it's up to us not to continue promoting or promoting it, because for example, we have an 8-year-old sister and we do not like her to listen to that kind of music, we prefer to sing to the party, to love, romantic temitas and thank God these songs are working very well, " Cristian Parra, accordionist Los Parras told Univision , a promising group composed of two young people raised in the United States.

It is precisely the young people of Mexican roots who began their artistic life in the American Union, those who are renouncing the narcocorrido as a musical style. Contrast this attitude with consecrated people like Los Tigres del Norte, who despite being censored in their own country, insist on keeping the letters that gave them fame.

After a series of cancellations in 2014 in Chihuahua, Javier Hérnandez, a member of Los Tigres del Norte, insisted on a talk with Proceso, which although they reject the violence that plagues several parts of Mexico as a result of the activities of drug traffickers, their lyrics " they simply tell the living history of the people. "

"They have the stigma of the narco, but there are many beautiful things in Sinaloa and in Mexico," said the bandleader Banda El Limón to Jorge Ramos. The band with 20 years of musical career, did not specify how much the narcocorridos have influenced to reinforce the image of violence in the northern zone of Mexico.

" There is a lot of violence everywhere  and the narcocorridos has been around for many years, what we try to do is music to entertain, we do not get involved anymore," said Kristopher Nava, vocalist of  T3R Elemento,  another promising band that is making its way in important cities like Las Vegas, with lighter letters and without reference to the narco.

The success of Los Parras and T3R Elemento is tangible proof that there is no need to exploit narcoculture to take its place in the Mexican regional.

"I like to compose all kinds of stories, things that happen to me or acquaintances, they can be sad, romantic or happy topics. We prefer stories that happen to the 'kids' or 'la plebada' that we like the party and that, if we spend the whole week working why not have a few drinks over the weekend, and so are the corridos we are presenting,  the happy corridos and 'enfiestados' ", added Parra.

It is not easy to break with a style marked by decades, as Tierra Cali, a group formed in Uruapan, Michoacán, where criminal groups and criminals are part of the daily soundtrack of the community.

Throughout almost 20 years we have faced criticism of our music, because they do not understand how a group that emerged in Michoacán does not play narco-themes, but our grupera and my compositions are different," he told Spanish television. Humberto Plancarte, leader and composer of the group.

These artists not only renounce violence as a form of expression, they also say goodbye to many thousands of dollars left by the lucrative narco industry. Interpreters for "El Komander" charge up to $ 20,000 for an hour of private presentation, according to Espejo magazine. Needless to say, the compositions for a specific person that are valued at least $ 5,000.

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Re: The end of narcocorridos?

Unique sound.They are pretty good and OMG can that guy play that guitar!