The concealing of justice in Monterrey

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The concealing of justice in Monterrey


Two long months have passed since August 25 when 52 people died in the Casino Royale and justice has not arrived in Monterrey. It seems like a sea of complicities, covering up for each other and no municipal, federal or state official appear responsible.  It has been the worst attempt against civilians in these times of this "war" and there isn't an efficient answer from governmental authorities

At first it all was a sea of consternation. the president Felipe Calderon and the governor Rodrigo Medina made a guard of honor before the burned remains of the Casino Royale and sustained that there would be no impunity.  However the time and the speeches have worn off and the mourners remain forgotten.

A so called Commission of Truth made up of deputies of the Nuevo Leon Congress had just finished presenting a 69 page report which is already questioned by the panistas for excluding the responsibility of the state authorities of civil protection.  It accused the office of delegating "inspection" procedures to the private sector.  And only one time was it performed through Gerardo Garza Zambrano, an outside consultant, without giving records of the lack of both emergency exits and the proper measures against fires. And nothing happens.

In the report of the deputies, it appears that el Casino Royale:

  - "didn't have a permit or operating authority for exploiting the use of the casino in the building of the known address, since facts indicate that the enterprise Atracciones y Emociones Vallarta, S. A. de C. V., moved its permit to another physical address..".

The casino operated without legal documentation at the address of the tragedy and no authority had noticed this irregularity.

The supposed owner of the casino, Jorge Rocha, who is overseas, confessed that he had been threatened by delinquent groups before and never alerted his clients and neither improved prevention measures for them in spite of serious safety irregularities that the casino had.

The brother of the mayor of Monterrey, Jonas Larrazabal is in prison for the supposed extortion that he committed against the owners of the casino.  Videos in the media pressured officials to contain and prosecute him. He alleges his innocence "because the sale of cheese is not a crime."

Out of these omissions and collusions, the authorities prefers to pretend that they're chasing the assassins but they don't bother the negligent administrators and owner of the place.

15 of the presumed responsible have been detained but only 7 of the 15 match the original announced list that the PGR gave to the public as those responsible for the crime.  They find themselves contained but not haven't been prosecuted because of the lack of conclusive evidence against them.

This last weekend, while visiting Monterrey, I could hear the testimony of the relatives of the deceased casino workers telling their ordeal about receiving the final payment for the children of the mourners.

-In court they have me going back and forth to prove guardianship and there is no lawyer to help with this process.  The family depend on my daughter's salary and the Social Security told me that the minors have no right for a pension.

It seems incredible to hear these testimonies of abandonment, and lack of assistance from the government of the state of Nuevo Leon towards the mourners of Casino Royale after so many speeches.

The lack of vigilience and supervision in places of public concentration is evident and no one dares  to do anything against the owners of that kind of business in order to avoid, according to them, scaring investments away.

Samara Pérez Muñiz, survivor of the tragedy and who lost his son Brad Javier Muraira Perez, 18 years, presented a penal denunciation, this past Sept 8 before la Procuraduría de Justicia del Estado de Nuevo León y en la Procuraduría General de la República, adding up to other denouncements and still doesn't receive certain  correct information about  advances in the investigation.

The information that is given to the families of the deceased is superficial and the investigation process is slow.  The experts inspection report on the casino which is carried out by the PGR in the casino has not been released.

Translated by wenglenca directly from Manuel Fuentes article in La Silla Rota
Correo: Twitter: @Manuel_FuentesM