The Trevinos - a los Zetas family

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The Trevinos - a los Zetas family

(Google translated)

The Z-40 was born on June 28, 1973 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Los Zetas stronghold for more than a decade. His parents were Rodolfo Trevino, who was already 49 when Miguel Ángel was born, and Maria Arcelia Morales, then 34.

The couple Treviño Morales fathered a large family: Juan Francisco alias Kiko Ozuna (1955), Arcelia, Chelo (1957), Irma (1959), Alicia (1961), Rodolfo (1963), María Guadalupe (1964), José (1966), Ana Isabel (1968), Jesús (1970), Miguel Ángel (1973), Óscar Omar, Alejandro or El 42 (1976), Cristina (1978) and Adolfo (1980).

According to information from government intelligence agencies, both Mexican and American, to 2007 Maria Arcelia Morales was alive and now are 74. Lived in Nuevo Laredo, had passport to visit legally to some of his children and grandchildren living in the United States and had his name over Lincoln Navigator SUV.

The history of crime Trevino began 19 years ago, with Juan Francisco, alias Kiko Ozuna, the eldest of the couple Treviño Morales.

The December 29, 1993, in a review that the Customs Service United States conducted random vehicle Juan Francisco was arrested and he twice refused to take more than $ 10,000 in cash. Upon searching the car found 47 000 $ 984, which were confiscated.

That year the DEA and Border Patrol had launched an investigation into trafficking tons of marijuana from Nuevo Laredo to Texas, but they only had a few pieces of the puzzle. According to the criminal case 3:95-CR-189-R, based in the Northern District Court of Texas and which has a copy, in October 1994 the U.S. government indicted Juan Francisco Treviño, to another Armando Treviño name is unknown if his family-, Abraham Padilla (Benny), Abel Lopez, Fernando Quiroz (Vanna), Hipolito Ortiz (Polo), Oscar de Leon (Pelon) and Edel Isaac of conspiracy to possess more one thousand kilograms of marijuana with intent to distribute. At that time, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales was just 21.

The October 18, 1994 Juan Francisco Trevino, Armando Trevino and Pedro Sanchez appeared before a judicial officer and, based on current law, which called for a speedy trial must be conducted within 70 days after voluntarily appeared before the justice.

The May 26, 1995 Juan Francisco filed a motion to be scrapped charges against him for not having been prosecuted expeditiously. The June 15, 1995 a court of first instance held a hearing and dismissed the charges against him in October 1994 fincaron.

Ozuna Kiko immediately thought prison would. Do not expect that days earlier, on June 7, the prosecution had begun a new indictment against him for another conspiracy to distribute more than a ton of marijuana in U.S. territory. While waiting for speedy trial, the DEA obtained sufficient evidence to incriminate him. As in most cases, the agency got through accomplices who joined the program of informants and protected witnesses. These statements completely sank Juan Francisco.

Everardo Ramirez, presented by the prosecution as a government witness, told the court that a subject Tovar surname Ozuna introduced him to Juan Francisco Treviño, who offered him employment. The job was to transport marijuana from Laredo to Dallas. Ramirez's first duty was to store the grass in your home for several days and then take it to the house of Paul de Luna.

"The following month, at the request of Tovar Ozuna, Ramirez agreed to store and deliver marijuana that was to be transported to Dallas. The work of Juan Tovar Trevino marijuana was crossing the river (Bravo) Ramirez. In turn, Ramirez took home the Paul de Luna, where it was stored and then transported across the border a company, "said court documents.

Ramirez stated that he had participated in the trafficking of marijuana from Nuevo Laredo to Dallas about three times a month for a year and a half. He added that the drug increased stored charge was 600 pounds (272 kilograms) and U.S. territory carrying the drug in Suburban SUVs utilizing private roads of a large area ranch to evade police checkpoints. Frank Staggs, the owner of the ranch, said the caretaker was property Armando Treviño.

Everardo Ramirez also said she was meeting at a hotel in Dallas with José Treviño Morales, brother of Juan Francisco, who would be responsible to pay for their services. The U.S. government took years to detect and deter criminal activities of Joseph, who 17 years later was found to be the head of the money laundering network of Los Zetas in that country through the business of racing quarter horses mile.

Another key informant was Joe Chavez, who worked for Kiko Ozuna. In December 1993 approached the DEA special agent Armando Ramirez to volunteer as an informant. "He had the feeling that this thing (the criminal network) would collapse," noted in the court record. The January 24, 1994 Joe blew the whistle to DEA special agent on a shipment of marijuana that was to deliver in Dallas on January 26. Ramirez's agent, undercover, Joe Chavez helped load more than 463 kilos of marijuana in a Suburban attached to a mobile home in Laredo.

When the shipment arrived in Dallas and waited some agents who arrested Trevino and Abel Riky Lopez. "Chávez declared confiscated marijuana was intended or belonged to Juan Francisco Treviño Morales," stated in the court documents. That was enough for the eldest brother lost all illusion Treviño out of jail.

On December 1, 1995 Kiko Ozuna was sentenced to 22 years in prison, which met in 2017, when he is 62 years old. He was held in a prison near Laredo and, according to the sentence, leaving will have a five-year supervised release "under normal conditions and with four additional conditions".

Juan Francisco Treviño Morales remains in prison. His younger brother, Miguel Angel, followed in his footsteps and overcame, to become the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the continent: Los Zetas, which last year the Obama administration called "global threat" comparable with the Italian Camorra, the Yakuza in Japan and the Circle of Brothers in Russia.

The "Z-40"

The first traces of the criminal career of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales back to 2000. Intelligence information obtained indicates that at that time was in charge of retail drug sales in the colony Hidalgo in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, "in addition to carrying out acts of kidnapping, disappearances and executions of people who did not pay their rescue, "noted in the reports.

First worked with Arturo Sauceda Gamboa, The Karis; Pitalúa Lormendez Omar, Commander Pita, Ivan Vazquez Knight, The Taliban, and Mateo Diaz Lopez, Commander Matthew. Pitalúa was arrested in 2005, Díaz Vázquez López Caballero in 2006 and in September 2012, while Sauceda Gamboa is a fugitive.

His rise in the world of crime was quick. The weekly had access to a document prepared by the FBI in 2005 under the title Los Zetas, a new threat to the United States. That appears as the name of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales as one of the "key players" of the Gulf Cartel in Nuevo Laredo. It specifies that worked with Los Zetas, then the cartel's armed wing.

After Arturo Guzmán Decena, murdered in 2002, and Heriberto Lazcano, allegedly killed by the Navy of Mexico last October 7, Michelangelo became the first capo of Los Zetas Army but did not come directly from the criminal world, This does not mean that it lacks ignore training or military tactics.

According to the study conducted by the FBI, members of the Special Forces Airmobile Group who left the Army to enlist in organized crime trained the rest of the criminal organization, and teamed up with 30 former members of the Kaibiles, special guerrilla force of Guatemala, known internationally for its inhuman practices and bloody.

According to the document, Los Zetas training camps established on a ranch located "between Villa Hermosa and Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas", and Z 40 debuted in the world of crime in Nuevo Laredo, where the group first applied criminal system video surveillance cameras and hawks.

According to the FBI report cited at least since 2005 the U.S. government had information that the Zetas were operating in Coahuila, specifically in Piedras Negras. Then the governor of the state was Enrique Martinez y Martinez, and the mayor of Piedras Negras was Claudio Bres Mario Garza, who had ruled in the period 1997-1999.

Bres Garza was elected in 2003 and served until May 2005, when Congress asked state license. He was replaced by Mario Antonio Rincón Arellano. In September 2005 there were elections for governor, who won the PRI Humberto Moreira.

The FBI reports that in 2005 the leader of the cell of Los Zetas in Piedras Negras was a drug dealer named Fernando Villarreal, identified as Z-40, a nickname that today uses Miguel Angel Trevino Morales.

"According to the McAllen Intelligence Center, Los Zetas operating in the area with the blessing of Rafael Macedo de la Concha, Mexico's attorney general," states the document.

The first preliminary investigation against the Z-40 is dated in 2001, followed by the PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/085/2003, and opened another five in 2005. In one of these, the 176/DGDCSPI/05, Miguel Trevino is accused by a woman who forced her husband to move a trailer loaded with cocaine.

In the part of the information provided by Mexican intelligence agencies, states that the April 28, 2005, during a meeting between officials of the FBI and the Mexican government first arose the name of Miguel Angel Trevino, Z-40, as an important member of Los Zetas.

Currently the U.S. government has several open criminal charges against him, one in the Court of the Southern District of Texas (5:08-cr-00244), which is charged with 47 charges that accumulate over 200 years prison. And the most recent opened in May 2012 Attorney for the Western District of Texas for conspiring to launder the proceeds of drug trafficking for Los Zetas by purchasing, training and breeding racehorses quarter mile in America.

At 39 years, the Z 40 is the leader of the criminal organization considered the bloodiest in Mexico.

"Big Daddy Cartel"

Not only Juan Francisco and Michelangelo have linked their lives to organized crime. According to information from intelligence agencies and criminal records in the U.S. Open, his brothers Joseph, Oscar Omar (Alexander), Jesus and Adolfo are or have been involved in drug trafficking.

Among the information obtained by Proceso is a large family album which shows Treviño Morales brothers weddings and meetings. They stand as a united family.

Joseph was born on October 23, 1966 and lived for years in the United States legally, as it has social security number 091 596 819 A #. It was a successful horse breeder and racer quarter mile until last June 12 was arrested with his wife Zulema at his ranch in Lexington, Oklahoma. In the criminal complaint 12-cr-00210, opened in the Western District Court of Texas, was accused of laundering money for the Zetas through companies Tremor Enterprises, Tremor Enterprises LLC, 66 Zule Farms and Land LLC, engaged in the business of horses.

This case, uncovered in June by the U.S. government, was a feast for the international press, because horses with money acquired from Los Zetas won important races in the country, the Z-40 was a partner of companies and was co-owner of fine pedigree animals.

Joseph ran the business wryly. It gave them their copies drug-related names: Corona Cartel, Corona Cartel, Cartel Morning, Number One Cartel, A Snowy Cartel and Big Daddy Cartel, the latter the most valuable of all, according to the prosecution settled the case file. If the booming business for years not caught the attention of U.S. authorities, they should have these names.

After the turmoil, the U.S. government seized 463 horses and last September the Internal Revenue Service (IRS equivalent to the Ministry of Finance in Mexico) auctioned 99 horses on the block of Los Zetas, for which according to official information obtained 32 000 $ 175. Five animals were excluded from the first event at the request of José Treviño Morales, who had a "sentimental attachment" according to the court document, however, that batch of horses is also the most economic value.

On 5 October the prosecution informed the court that between 1 and November 3 mile auctioned 384 quarts, including the five preferred by Joseph.

In the criminal case of money laundering states that Miguel Angel Trevino dirty money handed his brother Joseph and his sister Zulema for them to be in charge of purchasing, training, animal feed, as well as to enroll in racing.

The prosecution claims that the Z 40 is directly responsible for the trafficking of cocaine from South America to the United States. Since then still lived Lazcano, Miguel Angel Trevino is considered one of the two leaders of Los Zetas.

"The 42", Jesus and Adolfo

In this file indicates the name of another member of the clan involved with drug trafficking Trevino: Oscar Omar, alias Alexander or The 42, who stated that a rumor was shot down by the Navy in Zacatecas Mexico last October 23, but this has not been confirmed.

Oscar Omar Trevino was born on June 6, 1976 and, according to the criminal record in which it appears as a co-defendant, is one of the commanders of Los Zetas and operations are attributed to illicit drugs and money entering the United States. He was also involved in handling horses and to transfer funds for that business.

It is the first criminal record of the brother of Z 40 in the north country. In 2008 was opened against the record 08-cr-00244 in the Southern District Court of Texas. He is accused of being part of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas since 2001 at least.

The prosecution claims that the 42 trafficked marijuana and cocaine from Laredo to United States and has rented homes in Laredo, Texas, to use them as assassins safe houses.

As for Jesus Treviño Morales, reports settle who was born on October 4, 1970 and to hide their illicit activities was posing as engineer or contractor.

In 2004 he was riddled with more than 50 AK-47 shooting in Nuevo Laredo. His body was found in a building in Paseo Colon and Tamazunchale Street, reported local media then.

In the intelligence obtained is stated that Jesus had inherited control of a cell of Los Zetas "but did not adjust to the new rules governing the cartel" and was killed by the very members of the criminal organization that today heads his brother Michelangelo.

The youngest of the brothers Treviño Morales, Adolfo, was killed on January 18, 2006, at age 26. His body was left next to a swing in the park located in Private Gutierrez and Arteaga Herrera colony of Nuevo Laredo.

The Z 40 has a brother named Rodolfo, 10 years his senior, who is dedicated to cargo. No records criminal records against him or known to the government of Mexico has any investigation against him. In family photos next to Michelangelo and Joseph.

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Re: The Trevinos - a los Zetas family

I think the story Chivis reposted that Vato wrote entitled The Treviño Morales Clan That is on the front page is a better history of the the Trevino Family than this Processo article.  

Vato's piece and the article on the front page by Chivis entitiled Z40: The aftermath of Miguel Treviño's Arrest and Looking at the Contenders  taken together give a really good look at the family.

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Re: The Trevinos - a los Zetas family

Perhaps Processo used Chivis as a source
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Re: The Trevinos - a los Zetas family

In reply to this post by Bjeff
vato translated by hand, and after the arrest Proceso added to the post and we translated that as well, I put the two together.
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