Texas smuggler mother had baby in between big marijuana bundles

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Texas smuggler mother had baby in between big marijuana bundles


April 13, 2019

Brownsville, TX -  Border Patrol agents arrested a drug smuggling mother Friday morning who had her baby son in the middle of marijuana bundles when she was driving the vehicle.

Federal agents responded to a report that a Ford Escape truck was loaded with packages of marijuana near the Rio Grande.

Upon arriving at the scene, the agents found that the vehicle was moving away from the reported area and when a mobile unit began to follow the suspect cargo vehicle, the driver of the Ford Escape voluntarily stopped on Jefferson Avenue, near the hospital in Brownsville.

The agents approached and observed several packages inside the vehicle, as well as a baby in a seat in the car.

Agents stopped the driver and front passenger in the place and the case is kept under investigation and sent for criminal proceedings. The authorities did not establish the amount of the drug, however the photographs show that it is 4 or 5 packages of marijuana confiscated by the Border Patrol.

The public is encouraged to take action against the crime and make anonymous calls if it is to stop any type of crime and report suspicious activities to 800 863 93 82.