Suspects walk out of prison with aid of guards

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Suspects walk out of prison with aid of guards

Police in Mexico are questioning 10 guards at a prison in the capital, Mexico City, after three high-profile inmates escaped.
The three, including a man suspected of being the financier for the sons of jailed drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, walked through five gates before driving away in an official car.
Three guards have reportedly confessed to helping the inmates escape.
All three prisoners were facing extradition to the US.
What happened?
When guards did their morning check of the inmates they noticed that three were missing. Víctor Manuel Félix Beltrán, Luis Fernando Meza González and Yael Osuna Navarro had all escaped from the medium-security jail in Mexico City.
A general view shows the Reclusorio SurImage copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
The prison is located in the south of Mexico City
The fugitives passed through five gates to get to a courtyard where they boarded a prison car which whisked them away.
The gates had been installed at the medium-security jail after the three had been transferred there from high-security facilities.
An investigation is under way to find out whether the gates were left unlocked or whether the fugitives were provided with keys or instruments to open them.
Who are the fugitives?
Víctor Manuel Félix Beltrán is suspected of being an influential member of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, which was led by drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán until his capture and extradition to the US.
Félix Beltrán is suspected of handling the finances of three of Guzmán's sons. US prosecutors also accuse him of being a "high-level drug trafficker" who operated in the cities of Culiacán and Guadalajara and shipped cocaine to Chicago.
His father, Víctor Félix Félix, was "El Chapo" Guzmán's financier until the former was captured in 2011 and extradited to the US.

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Re: Suspects walk out of prison with aid of guards

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Glad you were able to  post the article along with the link Frank!In the story they were whisked away in prison vehicles?Totally an inside job.And why were they transferred out of maximum security to this jail with less security?Yes,I understand if their sentences were close to coming to an end and they were model prisoners but this was not the case at all as they were about to be extradited which to me means the security should be beefed up if anything.