Son of Javier "el JT" Torres Felix Arrested in Culiacan

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Son of Javier "el JT" Torres Felix Arrested in Culiacan


Two of the five detained in Culiacán after a shootout this morning.

Son of Javier "el JT" Torres Félix Arrested in Culiacán

One of the men detained early this morning in Culiacán is the son of Sinaloa Cartel narco trafficker Javier Torres Félix, El JT.

Information from law enforcement agencies reports he is Jesús Javier Torres Urrea, alias El J6.

Among the detainees police also arrested Rito Javier Torres Félix, the presumed brother of El JT; along with Jesús González García and José Alberto González Carranza.

Torres Urrea is the brother of Misael, arrested in 2014, when he was the magistrate of the town of La Ilama, in Cosalá municipality [county].

The relatives of Javier Torres were detained early this morning on the Internacional México 15 highway, after a fierce firefight with federal police and state preventative police.

The suspects carried AK47 and M16 rifles with attached grenade launchers, a 40mm grenade and more than 200 cartridges.

According to the Sinaloa Secretary for Public Security, they were all riding in a Toyota RAV4 when the police attempted to stop them, precipitating a pursuit.

During the pursuit the suspects fired on the police and started a shootout.

The state and federal police agents were able to defeat the suspects and arrest them.

The other suspects arrested in Culiacán this morning
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