Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

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Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

On Mexico's news magazine, El Proceso, the following article appeared on today's edition reporting that people are trying to draft Carlos Slim Helu to run for the office of president in Mexico. Mr. Slim, a Mexican citizen, multi-millionaire and often mentioned as the world's wealthiest man, was not quoted in the article and it is not known if he is interested in entering the political world. The article is copied and pasted directly from Proceso's website followed by my translation of the article and of a video that provides a number of reasons why people see him as a viable candidate. (I tried numerous times to embed the video but continually received error codes, my apologies)  

El Proceso - The Composition - 01/05/2017

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (apro).- La tarde de este jueves comenzó a circular en las redes sociales un video con el hashtag #AnímateSlim en el que se  propone al empresario Carlos Slim como candidato a la Presidencia de México por su independencia del poder político, su proyección internacional y la política social que despliega a través de las distintas fundaciones que manejan sus distintas empresas.

La propuesta surge en medio de la falta de credibilidad de la clase política y de la crisis económica por la que atraviesa el país, misma que ya detonó el descontento social con el gasolinazo.

El video enumera diferentes razones por las cuales supuestamente Slim Helú podría ser el candidato propicio para gobernar México en 2018, entre las cuales destacan las siguientes: la rivalidad empresarial que mantiene con el presidente electo de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, su independencia económica que garantizaría un manejo honesto de los recursos públicos, que no tiene compromisos con nadie, y ha hecho más por México que los políticos.

MEXICO CITY (approximately) This Thursday evening a video began to circulate on social websites with the hashtag #AnimateSlim (Do It Slim) in which the businessman, Carlos Slim, is proposed as a candidate for Mexico's Presidency because of his independence from political power, his international image and the social politics that unfolds from the distinct foundations that his companies manage.  

The proposal surges in the absence of credibility from the political class and from the economic crisis that the country finds itself in, the same that detonated the social discontent with the gasolinazo. (gasoline cluster-fu*#)

The video enumerates different reasons for which supposedly Slim Helu could become the suitable candidate to govern Mexico in 2018, which include: the business rivalry that he maintains with the President Elect of the United States, Donald Trump, his economic independence that guarantees an honest management of the public coffers, doesn't have any commitments with anybody, and he has done more for Mexico than the politicians.  

Video Translation
"2017 Pinta De La Chingada" 2017 Things are Going to Get Fucking Worse

"Donald Trump A La Vuelta De La Esquina"  Donald Trump is Just Around the Corner

"El Peso Por Los Suelos"  The Peso Is On The Floor or The Bottom Has Dropped Out Of The Peso

"Y La Gasolina Por Los Cielos"  And The Gasoline Is In The Skies

"Nos Toca Decidir A Quién Recurrir"  We Have To Decide Whom To Turn To?

"Los Expertos Ya Plantean Un Candidato Ideal"  The Experts Are Already Posing An Ideal Candidate

"El Ingeniero Carlos Slim"  Engineer Carlos Slim

"Y Estas Son Las Razones"  And These Are The Reasons

1) "No Va A Robar" "El es el hombre mas rico del mundo"  He won't steal. He's the world's richest man.

2) "No tiene compromisos" "No necesita el dinero de nadie para llegar."
      He doesn't have commitments. He doesn't need anybody's money to arrive.

3) "Es El Antídoto De Donald Trump" "Es el único mexicano a quien teme"
      He is Donald Trump's antidote. (kryptonite) He is the only Mexican that he fears. (The video shows a
      segment of the Tonight Show with host David Letterman interviewing Trump in which Carlos Slim is
      mentioned. Trump's reaction is worth watching.)

    "Hace Mas Por Mexico Que Los Politicos" "Y lo hace con su propio dinero"
      He does more for Mexico than the politicians. And he does it with his own money. (Followed by a list of
      goodworks categories supported by Mr. Slim) Education, Health, Nutrition, Justice, Culture, Human
      Development, Environment, Sports, and Assistance During Natural Disasters

4) "Tiene Prestigio Internacional" "Instituciones de todo el mundo le premian cada año"  
     He has international prestige.   Institutions from the entire world bestow awards on him every year.  

5) "Es Un Líder Mundial" "Los líderes de todo el mundo lo admiran"
     He's a world leader. He's admired by the leaders of the entire world. (Getting pretty deep here)

6) "Sabe Como Generar Desarrollo" "Ha creado la empresa mas grande del mundo"
     He knows how to generate development. He has created the world's largest business.

7) "Se Rodea De Gente Valiosa" "Cuenta con el mejor equipo de asesores mundial"
      He surrounds himself with valuable people. He surrounds himself with the world's best advisors.

8) "No Puede Ser Comprado" "Sería un presidente con agenda propia"  
      He can't be bought.           He would be a president with an appropriate agenda.

9) "No Tiene Partido Politico" "Ni compromisos con la clase política"
      He's not affiliated with a political party. Nor commitments to the political class.

10)"Nadie Tiene Poder Sobre Él" "Ni Televisa, ni los grupos que controlan el país.
      La pregunta es. ¿Votarias por el?
      Nobody has power over him. Not Televisa, nor the groups that control the country.
      The question is. Would you vote for him?
      #AnimeseIngeniero (Same hashtag as before but now written in the formal Usted verb tense)

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Re: Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

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From the citizens' comments, Slim sounds like a Mexican Trump.  Now, if Slim is truly "clean" (free of ties with corrupting others in and out of government .... including the Catholic Church and, of course, narco cartels) "maybe" Mexico has a chance to advance in areas of need.  

Personally, I think Mexico is approaching the definition of a "failed State, so systemically corrupted and wallowing in crippling violence that only a long series of honest leaders and supporting government functionaries, true patriots can save it. [that stinking morgue with bodies bloating in its patio; the rantings of Mexican critics, and the thousands of dismembered bodies with their detached heads crying out but it is like nobody wants to hear.  Thank you Borderland Beat, at least you certainly do hear and give a voice to the narco wars dead.]

Of course, given the institutionalized culture of the "mordida"*, the $billions of from illicit drugs, people smuggling, and money laundering enterprises embedded in the Mexican economy will make good outcomes impossible given that much of this "dirty" money is used just to survive.    

Is Mexico on the verge of a violent revolution?  Is it near a tipping point showing early signs of a violent revolution?  Is it to too late to save Mexico?

God help us because Mexico is intimately tied to the USA in many ways.... and will be drawn into any "shit" hitting the fan.  But which side will the USA back... the people or the oligarchs?  These are the kind of questions that the CIA, DHS, RAND, Microsoft, Google, Ford, and Trump are doubtless looking into as we speak.  

* To me, the pervasive "mordida" (bribery) is like a debilitating systemic conditiion that weakens the body politic.  Metaphorically, liken it  to chronic illnesses like COPD, anemias, or like tapeworms silently devouring the food you intend for your own health.]  
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Re: Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

In reply to this post by Soliado
El peso por los suelos= The peso so low hitting rock bottom
" Es más chíngon el chapó que el gobierno mexicano"
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Re: Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

In reply to this post by Soliado
Carlos Slim got his start by buying Telefonos Mexicanos, the Mexican government-owned telephone industry, from Salinas de Gortari. It was one of the periodic "privatization" projects that Mexican presidents have used, probably since President Cardenas, to stuff their pockets before retirement. Slim bought the assets for peanuts and then put off paying for it until enough revenue was generated to pay off the deal. In short, he got the assets for free.  
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Re: Social Websites Proposing Carlos Slim as a Candidate for President of Mexico

In reply to this post by Soliado
This sounds eerily similar to an article I read in salon today about how the super rich are trying to get into power and help make everyone rich, at least make themselves richer off of everyone else's sweat.  Anyways, I'm not trying to post conspiracy theories.  Maybe he does actually have political motivation, maybe he wants to help mexico, or maybe he just wants to get richer (if its possible).

Salon article:

Meet Donald Trump’s emissary to the super-rich: Anthony Scaramucci tells the Davos elite his boss is on their side