Six CJNG Sicarios/Kidnappers Arrested in Cancun after Firefight

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Six CJNG Sicarios/Kidnappers Arrested in Cancun after Firefight

La Palabra del Caribe: Six CJNG hitmen captured in Cancun

Jun 09, 2017

Six gunmen were detained, along with almost half a dozen rifles, handguns, two vehicles, bulletproof vests and a safehouse was also secured during the impressive operation carried out Thursday on Guayacan Avenue, at the location of Supermanzana 57 in Residencial Las Americas.

The detainees are RCMM, 18 years old from Veracruz; RDMT, 21 years old from Acapulco, Guerrero, DCSP, 20 years old from Ecatepec, State of Mexico; MUMG, 22 years old from Córdoba, Veracruz; SMU, 24 years old from Guadalajara, Jalisco and one more than their initials are unknown.

The security operation came after the execution of Hector Cacique Fernandez alias "El Diablo" and another person who could be a federal agent, who were eating at a restaurant located outside the delegation Alfredo Vladimir Bonfil.

During this operation that was met with a shower of lead, a subject who was allegedly deprived of his liberty by the arrested subjects, was rescued having only suffered blows to the head; he was transferred to a hospital for his medical attention.

For almost four hours, thousands of citizens were affected, not only bywitnessing the shootings between authorities and sicarios, but also in desperation for not being able to enter the neighborhood and see if their relatives were out of danger.

It was at 6 o'clock in the afternoon with 38 minutes, when the different security companies received an alert informing that on board of a Volkswagen van, brown without plates, there were three heavily armed subjects that kidnapped a person.

Elements of the Federal Police attended to the report and at went up to the heights of the Hotel Villas Cancun, located on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard and in sight of the unit in reference, proceeded witht heir advance and through verbal commands, demanded that the subjects give themselves up, which resulted in the subjects attempting their escape.

On the important and busy road, the sicarios began to shoot against the personnel of the Federal Police, which is why, after answering the aggression, the police elements requested the support of all the dependencies of security and continued with their shower of lead until they took Avenue Kabah and then Guayacan.

At the place where Guayacán avenue meets with Ecuador Street Supermanza 57, Residencial Las Americas, police units managed to close the drive to the unit, from which immediately emerged four subjects, one of which was thrown to the pavement with the his bloodied, while the other three ran to escape to try to get into a house in the neighborhood.

It was just at that moment that, in coordination, elements of the Municipal Police and State Police managed to arrest these three subjects, who were immediately transferred to the facilities of the Vice-District of the Northern Zone to be investigated.

Meanwhile, inside the unit, the authorities found ammunition including for .9 millimeters and two magazine loaders for an AR-15, while on the central camellón they located an AK-47 (Horn of Goat) and one handgun.

After this detention, the authorities completely surrounded the division in search of more suspects, obtaining the capture of three more sicarios.

When entering the sicarios' safe house, the authorities found on a bed another three rifles, one of them with a silencer, bullet-proof vests and police uniforms, reason why they proceeded to secure the zone.

Because of the dangerous situation and the sicarios, the security elements of the three bodies of Government practically shielded the neighborhood, preventing anyone from passing through the area, which caused several people to gather in the vicinity, nervous, to know about relatives.

After all the fuss, authorities interviewed the injured person who was also in the van, who identified himself as Jonathan GB, 31, who claimed that those people had deprived him of his freedom and had beaten him with a tube to the head, but that he was not part of them.

Before the statements, the authorities allowed the paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross to take him to the IMSS of Coba Avenue for medical care, with custody until it is resolved if he was a victim or accomplice.

Minutes later, at least 15 agents of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) went to the area to help the criminal experts of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) to gather indications and conduct the corresponding investigations.

• Five large weapons
• A short weapon
• Bulletproof vests
• Police tactical uniforms
• Three vehicles (including a van where identifications of Héctor Cacique and a woman were found)
• A residence

New psychosis

After this operation and criminal fact, the rumors were not long to come, throughout the city the presence of armed men was reported to the C4, which received calls of threats of a new attack against the Public Prosecutor and the security dependencies.

Likewise, it was said that Héctor Cacique's mother went to the Vice-Fiscal's premises to demand that no one see her son's corpse and that the case be resolved as soon as possible.