Sinaloa in Puebla

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Sinaloa in Puebla


Elements of the Puebla State Police detained two alleged members of the Sinaloa Cartel, who operated in the area of bars and clubs in puebla and San Andres Cholula.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) reported that the events occurred in the municipality of Santa Clara Ocoyucan, where they captured Alejandro "F" and Gerardo "Z", alleged members of the sinaloa Cartel, who were detected in the Lomas de Angelopolis.

Both were traveling aboard a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, type B200, with a license from the state of Quintana Roo.

At that time, the now detainees repeatedly fired on state police officers, who repelled the assault and secured them to take them to a hospital because they were injured.

One the vehicle in which they were traveling was found an Ak-47 type rife, a 38 Smith &Wesson revolver and a 9-millimeter squad type pistol, as well as a bag with a substance that apparently corresponds to the drug called crystal

Investigations and intelligence work indicate that Alejandro "F" is the leader of a cell of the criminal group call the Sinaloa Cartel