Sinaloa Brothers Have New Hope of Escaping the Gallows in Malaysia

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Sinaloa Brothers Have New Hope of Escaping the Gallows in Malaysia

I have always thought these brothers are innocent insomuch it is my belief they had no idea their job offer in Asia was involvement in drug manufacturing and trafficking.  Having lived in Kuala Lumpur a decade ago, and doing business in Malaysia I have a personal experience that I can share with you.  It was not a surprise to me to learn that these brothers were promised great pay for short term employment.  What was a surprise is that they were recruited from Mexico.  It is typical that persons living in abject poverty in places such as India and Philippines fall prey to these offers, only to arrive and find the promise was much different than the reality.  Passports are immediately taken and they are under the control of recruiters who often “sell” these recruits.  Women are forced into prostitution or slave labor, men into illegal activity of drug trafficking or human trafficking etc.  I am a logical person, it makes no sense that these poor brick makers would be knowingly involved in drug trafficking, I do not believe there is a Sinaloa Cartel connection especially since the centuries old Triads control every aspect of drug business in each Asian country getting a cut from each step from cultivation to delivery of goods to customers.  Not going to happen that they need help from shorty or anyone else.  You think brutal is MDC?  Google Triads then we will talk.  Having said all that, I imagine they were forced into the drug business and are culpable at a low level involvement but through extenuating circumstances.  I am shocked that this is being bumped into the high court, because another aspect I know of Malaysia is evidence is manipulated, manufactured for their Kangaroo Court system which is especially hard on foreigners.  ...Paz, Buela

KUALA LUMPUR - The three Mexican brothers who face the gallows for alleged methamphetamine trafficking in Malaysia have been given  "hope"  as postponement of the trial once again occurs  while they await to  have his case tried in the highest court.
 A defense motion, Judge Mohamed Zawawi said that  the Federal Court or the Supreme Constitutional equivalent in other countries, will  decide whether or not to admit the case against the brothers Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Villarreal, 47, Jose Regino, 36, and Simon, 33.
The three Mexicans, handcuffed together at the wrists, expressed relief at the prospect of avoiding a trial presided over by Zawawi, known for the many death sentences imposed in cases of drug trafficking.
"This judge hard to crack, now we have more possibilities, hope this will end soon, hopefully good," Simon told reporters at the end of the hearing which lasted just over an hour in the High Court of Kuala Lumpur.

Zawawi notice to the defendants, lawyers and the prosecutor that  the view that will take place on August 15 in the High Court and will be informed of the decision of the Federal whether to admit the drug case proceeding of the three Mexicans, a Malaysian and a Singaporean who if convicted can be sentenced to death by hanging.

In the event that the highest court in rejecting the procedure, this will continue in the hands of Zawawi, a magistrate tanning processes that have led to several death sentences. In today's session, which was without  the lawyers of the accused Singapore and Malaysia, one of the leaders of the chemical laboratory that analyzed the drugs seized from the witness stand testified.
This is the second postponement since the trial began in late April.
"I intend that the case goes to Federal Court to ensure the rights of the accused," said Kitson Foong, the main lawyer for the three native Mexican state of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico.

Manipulation of evidence argument
Foong argued  the case should be seen in the high court because they violated several fundamental rights of the accused during the investigation into the handling of evidence and the disappearance of much of the drug seized.
"But if we continue with the trial and they are convicted, will still have the right to appeal to the Court of Appeal and finally to the Federal," said the lawyer.

Luis Alfonso, Jose Regino and Simon, his face calm and in good health, said their conditions had improved since being transferred from a prison in Joho Bahru in the south to another of the capital.
"No activities and limit ourselves to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom, but before it was worse because we had no running water and were separated," the youngest brother, who now sleep in the same cell.
The defendants were arrested in March 2008 in a warehouse in Johor Baru, a port city near the border with Singapore, a country like Malaysia imposes capital punishment on persons found guilty of trafficking or producing drugs.
According to the police, inside the ship officers found various materials for the manufacture of methamphetamine, several precursor chemicals and about 29 kilos of heroin, of which one third disappeared in police custody.

pic on left is the father overlooking the brick making field
group pic is the family in sinaloa just prior to the brothers leaving to Asia
videos are spanish but also have footage of Malaysia, the factory etc 

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Re: Sinaloa Brothers Have New Hope of Escaping the Gallows in Malaysia

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Re: Sinaloa Brothers Have New Hope of Escaping the Gallows in Malaysia

In reply to this post by Chivis
I have no doubt these guys were sold snake oil, with that said they most likely knew what they were getting into wasn't "legit".  Lets be honest, if it sounds too good to be true, blah blah.  I do think that there are some crazy laws in some countries, I mean death for trafficking?  Really?  Where is our humanity?  Chivo once again your not perfect buddy, I know you have broken the law, most likely several times, do you deserve death?  I know this Chivo, because every person has broken some law in some way or another.  People who act as high and mighty as you often come across often have serious flaws themselves.  This is all to create a smokescreen to mask their own failings, Hoover, Nixon, Mao just to name a few.  But to get back on topic I feel bad for these two, it is a terrible position to be in.  I hope they get extradited back home with a valuable lesson learned.  Chivo, law and justice should balance one another, law should not instill fear but safety and order, over simplifying things shows an utter lack of understanding of life in general.  I suggest less shock value and more human interaction, maybe then you would see things are not black and white, Death To All mentality.