Sin.- (VIDEO) Ovidio Guzmán, free one year after the "Culiacanazo"

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Sin.- (VIDEO) Ovidio Guzmán, free one year after the "Culiacanazo"

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Re: Sin.- (VIDEO) Ovidio Guzmán, free one year after the "Culiacanazo"


Memorializing the 'culiacanazo'; They launch campaign of "Black Thursday Never Again"

10/17/2020 05:29  

CULIACÁN, SIN.-  A year after the culiacanazo, the wound is still open and some do not want to remember, which would be unfortunate, considered the citizen research center Iniciativa Sinaloa, which undertook a resilience campaign called Black Thursday Never Again .  

On October 17 of last year, the federal government carried out an operation to detain Ovidio Guzmán , son of El Chapo Guzmán, in Culiacán, Sinaloa, which caused gunmen of the Pacific Cartel to take to the streets to prevent it, forcing the authorities to release him.

The culiacanazo or black Thursday is a topic that few want to talk about in order to "not get into trouble."

It seemed that we were at war, it was not a good thing, we do not want to remember, "said Guillermina, resident.

Miriam Ramírez, in charge of this campaign, assured that many people fear the word narco, but it is important to speak it to know how it influences our city, because it is something that affects us as a society and it is necessary to reverse it.  

He considers that “we can do it, but it takes time, so it is important to start discussing the issue, the so-called narcoculture is deeply rooted in Sinaloa society, but we cannot hand over the city to the drug traffickers.  

"We believe that on October 17 a wound was opened, a wound as a society, a serious wound that has not healed, and how can we do it? Talking about what happened, "he said.  

To commemorate the first year of the culiacanazo , Iniciativa Sinaloa will present today the documentary "The day we lost the city", in which they recreate what happened by those who were closest to the confrontation.  

After that October 17, 2019, the streets, squares and shopping centers were empty, the shows and sporting events were canceled, some shops closed temporarily, those who had no need did not go out for a few days; they imposed a curfew for themselves.  

One year after the failed operation to capture Ovidio, one of the sons of Joaquín Guzmán Loera - currently a prisoner in the US - his offspring have control of Culiacán and there is no group that will stand up to them.

Ovidio, Alfredo and Iván Guzmán, identified as Los Chapitos , violently seized control of the city. Their victory during the so-called Culiacanazo strengthened them within the Sinaloa Cartel, says the director of the weekly RíoDoce, Ismael Bojórquez, a specialist in drug trafficking.

That October 17, 2019, about 850 armed people took to the streets, some were from Culiacán, others came from nearby municipalities, they had an impressive mobilization capacity, said Bojórquez. The amount of people and weapons also served to instill fear in other criminal groups and the public.

"I believe that from that ( culiacanazo ), we measured it with people, with contacts, people who are aware of these issues, we measured that they had strengthened in leadership, not only in the middle parts of these groups, but also in leadership levels,” he expressed.

Without going into details of who among them assumes the role of leader, there is no doubt that the sons of El Chapo have control of the capital of Sinaloa and disputed it with other groups of the same criminal organization, resulting once again victorious.

But far from trying to prevent them from continuing to strengthen, the authorities did not take measures to prevent it, so they are now perceived with more force, and ready to attack cells of the same Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, leader of the Pacific Cartel.
So far there is no progress on the investigations that began after October 17, 2019, the federal authorities decided to reserve all the information for at least five years.

In the last decade, from January 2011 to August 2020, the Sinaloa Prosecutor's Office recorded 11,922 intentional homicides, an average of 3.37 murders daily , which is why some people have become accustomed to violence.

For the sociologist and professor at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Tomás Guevara, these figures are alarming because the issue of violence has become normal in Sinaloa and some have come to believe that organized crime protects them, to the extent of having carried out marches and protests against the authorities, such as the one that occurred after El Chapo's arrest in 2014.

However, the culiacanazo quartering this belief, people began to fear the Pacific Cartel, because what they experienced that day was a nightmare that some have not managed to overcome and they live with a latent fear.

The authorities and society have allowed criminal groups to grow and showed us their power, being able to subdue anyone, so it is a mistake to continue advocating organized crime, ”he said.

To take control of the city, El Chapo's children have faced a criminal cell called Los Rusos, which operates in the mountain area of ​​Culiacán, at the service of El Mayo Zambada, which left 16 dead last June. in the receivership of Tepuche.  

The sons of El Chapo have imposed themselves on this criminal cell , but they have caused fear in the public, seeing them parade through the streets, without the authorities intervening, making latent, the danger of another culiacanazo .  

On October 17, 2019, federal authorities planned to detain Ovidio Guzmán, El Chapo Guzmán's son, in a house located in one of the commercial areas with the highest influx of people in Culiacán, at 2:00 p.m., so dozens of citizens were caught in the crossfire.  

The authorities surrounded the building and subdued the son of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, but they did not count on the rapid reaction of the Pacific Cartel, since hundreds of gunmen mobilized and besieged the city, making it impossible for the elements to take him away.  

The criminals seized the condominium where military personnel live, threatening to blow it up.

They released 49 prisoners to join the attack.

They finally achieved their mission: Ovid was released.