Shooting in Playa del Carmen; Sam's Club store threatened for ties to CJNG

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Shooting in Playa del Carmen; Sam's Club store threatened for ties to CJNG


Shooting in Playa del Carmen

Rafa Martínez, correspondent Saturday 8 April 2017 in the Republic / Sol de México

CANCÚN, Q. Roo. (OEM-Informex)
 .- In what was considered a challenge to the authorities of the three levels of Government, yesterday there was another shooting in Playa del Carmen, while in Cancun a narcomanta was placed as a threat to a store supposedly protecting the New Generation Jalisco Cartel.

In the center of Playa del Carmen there was a shooting followed by the pursuit of a blue Jetta, which culminated in the Colonia Luis Donaldo Colosio, where the police captured one of the attackers, while one more managed to flee.

Preliminary data indicates that the intent of the alleged assassins was to execute a person.

During the events, the Tourist Police radio reported the persecution of the blue Jetta vehicle carrying two individuals who fired guns at the junction of 8 North Street and 30 Avenue in the heart of Playa del Carmen to give themselves the ability to escape on the road and penetrate the colonia mentioned.

Relatedly, the municipal police received a report of a "narcomanta" hanging in Supermanzana 21, near the Sam's Club store.

In the writing on the blanket it said that both Sam's Club and "Grupo Maya" provide protection "to the New Generation Jalisco Cartel". The alleged offenders demanded that the store and the grouping be "opened", in what appears to be a threat.

Just last Wednesday, Secretary of the Interior Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong and National Security Commissioner Renato Sales held a meeting with the state and municipal authorities of the entity, in which they offered the full support of the Republic to reduce violence in Quintana Roo.

Last Friday, 600 military personnel arrived and on Tuesday 400 cadets of the Preventive Police arrived to dedicate themselves to the protection and surveillance of the main cities of the State such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen.