Second in Command for El Chapo in Sonora arrested

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Second in Command for El Chapo in Sonora arrested

SEDENA reported that Raúl Sabori Cisneros was arrested, who was identified by the agency as second in importance to el Chapo Guzmán in the state of Sonora.

In a statement the agency said the arrest was the result of intelligence work and the arrest was made without a shoot being fired.

Cisneros Sabori alias "El Negro," (the black)  in a statement he said that he worked directly for Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramirez aka "The Snowman", a lieutenant of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, and the detainee is linked to the kidnapping and murder of two policemen in the municipality of The Saric in 2010 and is suspected of the murder of Ivan Canastillo Aaron Villanueva, a member of the band "The Alazanes of Sonora" in 2008.

SEDENA added that Sabori Cisneros is also associated with events that occurred on July 1, 2010 in Saric, Sonora where 21 of his people were killed.

Here is a link to what happen that day, he is lucky he is alive: