Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel Structure

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Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel Structure

Excerpt of information from La Jornada:

"...According to intelligence reports from the Federal Police, the circle close to El Marro consists of 14 people, among them his sister Karem Lizbeth, who was entrusted the plaza of Celaya.

The financial operator of El Marro is his uncle Efraín Labrada, and the person that is in charge of laundering the money that is a product of the looting from Pemex through the taps in the pipelines is his other uncle Raymundo Labrada. At this same level of hierarchy is found Santiago González Martínez, El Bachicha, husband of Karem Lizbeth.

Below them is found the operators Juan Manuel Anaya, Artemio Espinoza El Temo, Melchor Jamaica, Eusebio Gutiérrez El Titis, José Alejandro Jamaica, Heriberto Aguilar, José Serafín Lara El Guayabo, Gilberto Lara y Jonathan Prudencio Portillo.

Their operation extends to the municipalities of Celaya, Salamanca, Santa Cruz, Juventino Rosas, Irapuato, Valle de Santiago and y Villagrán, where last Tuesday where there was registered a series of blockades with burnt vehicles to prevent the capture of Antonio Yépez.

In 2014 federal authorities placed that when the criminal organization was initiated, the leader was David Rogel Figueroa, El Güero, but later El Marro took control.

After the restructuring their presence grew in the state and they positioned themselves as one of the organizations that caused the most harm to Pemex. El Marro counts on a belt of security and a group of sicarios that directly obey his orders.

The Federal Police identifies the brothers Lara Belman, whom occupy that second level of command of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

They count on a group dedicated to the tapping of the pipelines in order to later mount valves, later they make the connection to fenced in areas located close to the fuel distribution lines.

In the areas around the point called the Bermuda Triangle, where they tap more pipelines, El Marro has properties: five ranches, among them El Jaramillo and el Rincón de Centeno, as well as seven estates."