San Luis Potosi - Mural artist, father and brother slain; survived attempt on life last year

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San Luis Potosi - Mural artist, father and brother slain; survived attempt on life last year


April  20, 2019

The plastic artist Héctor Domínguez and two others, apparently his father and brother, died Friday night as a result of an armed attack in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí , according to the website of

The preliminary report of the police corporations that attended the site indicates that the events took place around 9:30 p.m. in a house in the Antonio Esper neighborhood.

Witnesses indicated that at least 20 firearm detonations were heard in the area. On September 29, 2018, the young painter had been shot but recovered and continued with his mural painting work in Valles and Huasteca.

Héctor Domínguez was recognized nationally and internationally for his works, which highlighted the color and tradition of the Huasteca potosina.

From PorEsto:

XICO CITY, April 20 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- On Friday night there was an armed attack in the house of the muralist Héctor Domínguez, located in the Bonifacia Salinas subdivision in Ciudad Valles. Around 9:30 p.m. armed individuals entered the house and opened fire on him, his father and brother.

Neighbors listened to the detonations and gave notice to the authorities. Paramedics of the Red Cross arrived at the Monte Blanco street, almost on the corner with Tercera, upon entering the house and checking Hector and his family they realized that there was nothing to do, the three had died.

The area was cordoned off and the bodies erected by Expert Services staff of the State Attorney General's Office to be transferred to the Legista Medical Service.
In the place were packed about 15 ballistic signs and apparently a large-caliber weapon was abandoned at the scene.

Hector Domínguez suffered an attack on September 29 last year outside of COBACH 06, from which he escaped unharmed. It is unknown if at that time precautionary measures were applied by local authorities.

The work of the muralist, originally from Ciudad Valles, transcended throughout the Huasteca, in addition to being recognized nationally and internationally. In his works he reflected the color and traditions of the Huasteca potosina. He was the initiator of the art project Fénix Art.a