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Remember.....when using forum

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Our numbers on forum have really tanked.  with only a handful of regular  posters and another 6 who drop by.

We need to get back to basics.

1.  post at least the text of a story and always include the link. no pics are necessary but appreciated, no links in place of posts.

2.  No questions posted in place of a post.  you can always ask questions within a post.

3.  Please be courteous, and if someone asked a question..ANSWER.  if you don't know  say so.  No one wants to feel excluded....which is the biggest complaint about forum.  "too clicky" "hard to fit in" "I am a newbie and not one of my questions was ever answered"

4.  Please understand that administrators have a large task,  we read every comment posted and every post.  about 20 to 35 per day plus warding off spam and checking posts.  They come to our inbox.  For me you can include another 200-250 per day in main board.  this all takes time.  what can be controlled is respect.  If I contact you, have some respect and respond.  When you don't that causes additional work for us.

If an admin asks a questions, emails you etc.  answer!!  pretty simple.  

5.  UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESSES.  If we attempt to reach you but your email address is no longer valid and you do not reply.  You will be banned until you comply.

6.  On going specific subject threads
Jalisco, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Guerrero, etc.  Also cartel threads would be very valuable

keeping an ongoing event and discussion thread is great.  We have been doing these types of threads  since 2010.  When an creator of a thread drops out for whatever reason, sometimes the thread can go with it.  Usually the author will post news articles on the thread and discussion will follow.  For example the CDG thread had four starts, each time someone decides to start a new one.  There really isn't a reason to begin anew, simply resurrect the old, if in the current year.

What will work is specific threads with year.  Jalisco events and discussion 2018  or Jalisco 2018
  or C.J.N.G. Discussion and news 2018
any recent threads be sure you edit the title to reflect year.

This will allow easier access to information within a specific time.  As a researcher, I can say that would help immensely.  I know the CDG thread was impossible to use.  and you forum posters contributed a massive amount of historical accounts, that were only useful to a limited amount  of people who happened to log on when it was posted.  The new way will open it up to anyone, even newbies and researchers.  If I can find a way to reconstruct the page I will add a section explaining this to users.  4 and 5 years ago, I know of at least 3 big name mainstream media journalists that use to follow forum.  I think because it was user friendly and provided a reader's digest format of Mexican organized crime news.

In closing...

I think people such as Char and  Mica are good examples of those making everyone feel welcome and contributing towards the good of the blog..  Lets get users back and bring new ones in.  Once that is accomplished I will ask Buggs about promoting Forum on mainpage.

If anyone has ideas for forum...please send to me or canadiana

The way I see it.... the more people that don't like me, the less people I have to please