Recycling plants linked to Gulf Cartel and El Gafe/Metro 64

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Recycling plants linked to Gulf Cartel and El Gafe/Metro 64


The Tamaulipas Coordination Group reports that César Eduardo López Suárez was arrested for the crime of extortion in compliance with an arrest warrant granted by a Control Judge.

The judicial order, related to the closure of recycling companies in this border municipality, was carried out by elements of the State Creditable Police, who placed the detainee at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General of Tamaulipas.

The initial hearing was held this Saturday, February 24, with the imputation being formulated and the judicial authority being granted a one-year precautionary measure to the accused. The defense requested duplicity of term, so the Bonding Hearing will be held on February 28.

In November of 2017 El Mañana published that the company "Gestión Integral de Reciclados SA de CV" (MIR) was closed for not complying with a series of permits and norms for the activity that it carried out to collect iron, plastics, cardboard and other materials, besides being investigated for links with organized crime.

The government of Tamaulipas informed that elements of Civil Protection, of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks ( COEPRIS ) and of Urban Development and Environment intervened during this weekend in the facilities of this company located on the Monterrey highway, in the National Effort colony.

The owners of this closed business, led by César Eduardo López Suárez, threatened other entrepreneurs of this industry to market these scrap materials, only and exclusively to this and three other companies where they pay the merchandise at prices lower by 40 and 50% than that sold in the free market.

The entrepreneurs engaged in the marketing of cardboard, aluminum, copper and all non-ferrous derivatives, were required to deliver the materials to the company associated with Recovering Metals in Reynosa "La Bodega" which are identified as companies controlled by organized crime.

According to the investigations, the owners of Recuperadora de Metals in Reynosa "La Bodega" for which MIR operates (closed company) located in the Moll de Reynosa Park, are Carlos and Marte de la Fuente Hernández, brothers-in-law of the ex-leader of the Cartel of the Gulf, José Hugo Rodríguez Sánchez "El Gafe", captured by federal forces in April 2015 in the city of Reynosa.

Mega Recuperadora, located in the López Portillo neighborhood, is also being investigated.

Industrial waste Villarreal, located in the neighborhood of Carlos Carlos Cantú de Reynosa, is another of the companies in the field that operates for organized crime.

According to businessmen in the field for nine years have been subjected to crime and some businesses chose to close permanently because they were bankrupt.


In a statement, the state government said that according to the request made by the state authorities, the MIR company failed to comply with Official Mexican Standard 002 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which classifies it as high risk for materials that manages, likewise they could not verify that they had the land use permit.