Puebla -Married couple die after consuming methanol-tainted tequila

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Puebla -Married couple die after consuming methanol-tainted tequila

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Puebla, Pue.- After consuming adulterated tequila, a married couple lost their lives.

They are Marlén and Samuel, aged 22 and 25 respectively, who died after drinking adulterated tequila.

The events occurred in Puebla, when the couple consumed the drink known as "Rancho Escondido", according to witnesses. The couple began to feel stomach pain and headaches after they began to drink the alcohol.

On September 9, Marlén was admitted to the Southern General Hospital in Puebla where she was declared brain dead due to methanol poisoning.

As for Samuel, El Sol de Puebla revealed that the young man died in a private clinic for the same causes as his girlfriend.

For his part, the governor of the state, Miguel Barbosa Huerta reported that there are five arrests made for alleged participation in the production and distribution of adulterated alcohol.

He also indicated that they mounted an operation to search and close a business in the municipality of Acatlán de Osorio.

It is worth mentioning that from May to present, there are 87 people who have died from the consumption of adulterated alcoholic beverages, 111 were intoxicated in 15 municipalities of Puebla.