Pregnant woman murdered in Culiacan, Sinaloa

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Pregnant woman murdered in Culiacan, Sinaloa

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Pregnant woman is killed in Culiacán, her family is injured

Culiacán, Sin.- A pregnant woman was shot dead inside her home in the Los Pinos neighborhood, her mother and brother were injured.

The first reports indicate that the family was inside the house located on Rio Nazas Street, between Guadalupe Victoria and Río Lerma, when they were attacked with bullets with a .9 millimeter caliber weapon.

Who was identified as Itzel Aido Soto, 27 years old, and who according to the neighbors was approximately six months pregnant, lost his life inside the property, while his brother Luis Fernando and his mother Elsa, aged 22 and 53 years respectively, they were injured.

Both were transferred to a hospital where they were interned, apparently their mother, a retired teacher, suffered a wound on her face.

Inside the house and on the Rio Nazas street, there were several percussed casings, which were collected as evidence by the authorities.