Police find 23 bodies in GRO

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Police find 23 bodies in GRO

Tacuache bodeguero
Mexican authorities in Guerrero have uncovered at least 23 bodies in a clandestine grave, Mexico Daily News reported. The discovery of the decomposing bodies came after a shootout in Acapulco on Sunday morning.

Two men shot down a man and woman in a local bar. The killers were detained and told police of a mass grave underneath the bar, where authorities discovered the bodies of four men and one woman.

In Acapulco, nine bodies were found and 14 were found in the city of Copanatoyac.

Eight people were also killed during several shoot outs in Acapulco on Sunday. Roberto Alvarez, a Guerrero state official, described Sunday as a “horrible day.”  

Violence within the state prompted around 100 schools to close down in and around the city of Chilapa, a city of about 140,000 people. They were re-opened on Tuesday as the state sent in more security forces to patrol the mountainous area covered in poppy flowers used to make opium.

This is the heart of a narcotrafficker turf warfare between two gangs. Teachers and students have received threats of extortion over the past few weeks.

Around 40 schools in San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero were shut down between December 2016 and March of this year because a total of 70 students and staff were victims of kidnapping, extortion or assassination.

As a result of the deaths in Guerrero this week, about 60 municipal workers at the Chilpancingo morgue went on strike on Tuesday saying that the facility could not handle the amount of incoming corpses and was causing them to work in unsanitary conditions. Local media says the morgue is storing about 500 corpses.

The Guerrero government said they will “take the necessary precautions" so that overcrowding and the corpse "odors ... doesn't happen again.”