Police chief killed in El Salto, Jalisco

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Police chief killed in El Salto, Jalisco



 According to a statement from the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco, José Manuel Tapia, 35, the operational director of the Public Safety Commissariat of El Salto, died of gunshot wounds when he left his shift.

On the El Salto road, at the junction with Golondrinas street in the Azucena neighborhood, it was reported that people traveling in two vehicles, a white pick-up and a blue sedan, fired at the deep car in which Tapia was traveling, published Eje Central .

According to police reports, more than 50 percussion casings of 9, 40 and 7.62 mm caliber weapons were located. When the authorities arrived, the police command was already dead.

The Jalisco Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation folder for the homicides and a search for the alleged murderers.

Police of various corporations carry out an operation in the municipality of El Salto and its surroundings to locate the aggressors.