Ovtacio "Chapito" Leal detained in Tijuana

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Ovtacio "Chapito" Leal detained in Tijuana

He has been detained and released at least 4 times in Tijuana, since 2012.  He's one of those mid/old guard CAF/Sinaloa guys, from the post 2008 days that have managed to survive with key local support.  He's like Juan Lorenzo Vargas aka El Chan, or El Mono, until he was executed.  Or the Cosmes, or some of the other families.


TIJUANA BC FEBRUARY 20, 2020 (AFN) .- Octavio Leal Hernández, alias "El Chapito Leal", who has already been detained on some other occasions and passes from one "side to another" with ease, as he was alleged operator in Tijuana of the Sinaloa Cartel and now he is related again to the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF), he is one of those arrested after the armed confrontation last night in the vicinity of the Río Zone.

Unofficially, the identity of Leal Hernández was announced, which had already been arrested on at least two occasions, the last of them in 2017 in the vicinity of the Cacho neighborhood.

"El Chapito Leal" was captured last night along with seven other people (one of them who was injured), after an assault on a lot of used cars in the vicinity of the El Chamizal neighborhood, which resulted in a persecution and armed confrontation with agents of the Municipal Police when they fled in at least three units, one of them, a pick up equipped with strobes, with men carrying long weapons.

This event caused a strong police mobilization in various parts of the Rio Zone, in addition to hundreds of motorists circulating around the area witnessed the events to be caught in the confrontation that lasted the East Fast Track, and that motivated the closure of some roads to protect the perimeter in which the arrests were carried out.

It was the Municipal Police, in an operation headed by the head of the corporation, Jorge Alberto Ayón Monsalve, who managed to arrest the alleged perpetrators, as well as the confiscation of firearms and vehicles, and in the early hours of the morning This Thursday, both the insured and the confiscated was made available to the Federal Public Ministry, so a security device was mounted in the area of ​​the FGR building in Tijuana, in which elements of the Mexican Army, of the National Guard, and municipal and state police, waiting for an alleged transfer of detainees to the center of the country, as said unofficially.

Leal Hernández would have managed to escape from the authorities on at least two occasions recently, in events where lieutenants were detained at his service, while according to police sources, two of his close collaborators were killed in August last year in the Plaza Mundo Funny parking lot, when they were inside a wagon-like vehicle, which was presumed to be the now detained.