Osorio Chong: new Cancun Cartel in Quintana Roo; 600 soldiers arrive to fight crime

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Osorio Chong: new Cancun Cartel in Quintana Roo; 600 soldiers arrive to fight crime


There is a new cartel, the one of Cancun, says Osorio
La Jornada
He rejected that Quintana Roo is being militarized (recently 600 soldiers arrived to fight crime)

Mexico City
 - The head of the Interior Ministry (SG), Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, announced the existence of a new cartel, Cancun, and warned that they have already identified criminal groups that commit high-impact crimes in the city. He said that there will soon be arrests. "Several targets are identified that will be eradicated by sending federal and military forces," he said.

He denied that Quintana Roo is militarizing (in recent days 600 soldiers arrived to fight crime) and announced the installation of a security coordination table with the Secretariats of National Defense and Navy, as well as the Attorney General's Office, the National Security and Investigation Center (CISEN), the National Security Commission, as well as the state prosecutor and governor.

In a press conference in which he only admitted three questions, Osorio Chong said that the federal forces come to coordinate and to support what the local government is doing.

The federal intervention, he explained, will range from reviews of penalties to detentions "of targets that generate violence; We go for them and for the disarticulation of the criminal groups to avoid that they continue to injure the tranquility of the entity".

He said that the groups (cartels) and those who lead them are identified. He said he knows the interests that are given in a state like Quintana Roo "and we will not let them advance, because the commitment of the governor (Carlos Manuel Joaquín González) is to go together," he said.

Regarding if and when the Gender Violence Alert in the entity will be activated, the head of the SG stated that in Quintana Roo the issue was politicized and partisan during the previous administration (by Roberto Borge Angulo).

He clarified that the decision does not depend on him, but a group of academic experts who make the determination, and he said that work will be done on public policies to avoid aggression against women, which could end in femicide.

Governor Joaquín González denied that the presence of the head of the SG in Quintana Roo was due to out-of-control violence: "On the contrary, it is to reinforce the issue of public security," he said.