News out of Sinaloa about Cholo Ivan

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News out of Sinaloa about Cholo Ivan


Orso Iván Gastélum Ávila

News out of Sinaloa about Cholo Ivan

Orso Iván Gastélum Ávila, El Cholo Ivan, an operator of the Sinaloa Cartel in the Evora Valley was in the news a few years ago when he was involved in a pursuit and shootout with the military which left his girlfriend, beauty queen Maria Susana Gamez Flores, dead.

 María Susana Gámez Flores

Soon after, leaflets were dropped on various cities accusing the military of being out of control and in the pocket of his enemies, the Beltran Levyva Organization. Later, he put up narcomantas asking the Sinaloa governor and others for assistance in rooting out corrupt military officials.

Then, about two weeks ago a prominent Sinaloa businessman named Carlos Barroso was killed, along with three men who were either kidnappers or cohorts, in a raid by federal forces of the Marina at a motel in Guamuchil. One of the dead men was a lieutenant of Cholo Ivan named José Guadalupe Arreola Rangel, known as El Polacas.

Carlos Humberto Barroso Ceceña

A wreck on the highway

Then, on Tuesday morning on the Mexico highway 15, Orso Iván Gastélum Ávila, el Cholo Iván, was involved in a traffic accident that left another lieutenant, Juan Luis García Castro, known as El Mantecas, dead from his injuries.

The incident occurred when El Cholo and his companions, including his girlfriend, driving an armored double-cab Chevy Cheyenne pickup and struck at the 390 kilometer marker they collided with a truck hauling brick, from Caitime, Salvador Alvarado.

According to information collected on the site of the incident, between the towns of Alamos de Montoya and Carricito, it was surmised that one of the drivers was trying to pass and they crashed head-on.

Reporters from various media came to collect data, but the same federal agents told them that they weren't messing with the case because it was "very hot".

The truck that Cholo hit is a white Ford.

After the impact, Gastelum Avila and his companions robbed a vehicle and fled, taking the body of their dead companion, and as a shield, the owner of the vehicle with them.

The body of El Mantecas who was from San Pedro, Navolato, and a vigil was held in the Sedano funeral home.

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