New Narcofosas found in Durango

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New Narcofosas found in Durango


Translation below:

Three narcofosas were found in the municipality of Lerdo, Durango, as was confirmed by state authorities.

Elements of the Mexican Army, inside Operation Laguna Secura, managed to locate the new narcofosas that were found in La Colonia Ampliacion Cipreses and in the Elijido San Fernando.

In the Prolongacion Donato Guerra narcofosa, in the colony of Ampliacion Cipreses, they managed to extract four bodies who at this moment have not been identified.

Three of them were in an abandoned farm and the other in a vacant lot a few meters away. It was a women and 3 men who had been murdered about seven months ago.

Then the authorities arrived at the Ejido San Francisco where they found three men executed that had been buried in an narcofosa approximately a year ago.

The seven bodies were taken to the morgue.

Authorities continue to search for narcofosas in the municipality of Lerdo because they have reports that there are more