New Gulf Cartel enforcer wanted; $2 million pesos for his capture

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New Gulf Cartel enforcer wanted; $2 million pesos for his capture

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The Attorney General of Tamaulipas (PGJT) is offering a reward of MXN$2 million (approximately US$104,523 in May 2019) for anyone who provides valuable information that leads to the capture of Gerardo Meade Benavides ("La Perra"), alleged taxi business leader and Gulf Cartel operator in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. In the announcement published today, the Tamaulipas government confirmed that an anti-kidnapping agency within the special prosecutor's office formally requested the location and capture of Gerardo Meade Benavides.

According to officials, this person generated a climate of violence, significantly affecting the peace and public security of the city of Matamoros. He is wanted for extortion and organized crime involvement. Information on his whereabouts can be submitted by callnig 841-84-1-05-95, or emailing and/or, owned by the Tamaulipas government. The government promises anonymity to anyone who submits information.

Officials believe he was responsible for heading a taxi business in Matamoros. The taxis operate illegally and are used to conduct criminal activities in the area. His vehicles were also used to block roads during Gulf Cartel operations. He is now one of the most-wanted men in Tamaulipas. In addition, he has been linked to the municipal government of Matamoros as a member of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party. State officials placed several billboards across Tamaulipas requesting information for his whereabouts.


Note: This info is preliminary. More info should come later once the national press picks up on the story.