Nearly 80 pounds of heroin, meth recovered in Miami County drug bust

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Nearly 80 pounds of heroin, meth recovered in Miami County drug bust

Nearly 80 pounds of heroin, meth recovered in Miami County drug bust
Daily Call

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office arrested three subjects at 109 N. First St., Tipp City, on indictments stemming from the alleged drug ring, which was first uncovered 18 months ago. Charges range from possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, money laundering and various other charges involving patterns of corrupt activity and conspiracy.

Brothers Mario Segura, 33, and Erick Segura, 24, along with Aleesha Segura, 22, were served warrants for their arrest related to the drug ring at the Tipp City residence on Wednesday.

Approximately 248 charges have been filed against the Seguras, including 30 first-degree felonies, with possible lifetime prison sentences for all three, said Miami County Prosecutor Tony Kendell.

According to Major Steve Lord, the eight subjects all are tied to the alleged drug ring and have connections to at least 36 kilos — or nearly 80 pounds — of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine that has been distributed in the Miami Valley in the last two years.

“This a large scale organization that tracks back into Mexico — big money,” Lord said. “This is probably the biggest (drug bust) in my career. For a county our size, this is a massive amount of drugs.”

At the press conference at the sheriff’s training center, officials displayed 4 kilos each of heroin and four bricks of methamphetamine, that were seized in the drug bust conducted 18 months ago in Tipp City.

The seized drugs have a street value of more than $1 million.

More than 36 kilos of various narcotics have been tied to the eight subjects throughout the investigation, which is valued at more than $4 million on the street, according to Lord.

“Typically what we have seen historically in Miami County is marijuana. We saw ounces of crack cocaine in the mid-90s and 2000s. Heroin then took over, so as far as Miami County this is a substantial seizure,” Lord said. “This is multiple weights of heroin, so this is huge.”

U.S. Imports and Customs Enforcement, Montgomery County R.A.N.G.E. task forces and other law enforcement agencies gathered bank records and other evidence to indict the eight subjects, including the Segura family, who failed to appear on the indictments in court on Wednesday to be arraigned on the charges.

Chief Deputy Dave Duchak said the investigation stemmed from a tip from the community.