Narcomanta Links Winckler With "El 80" in Coatzacoalcos

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Narcomanta Links Winckler With "El 80" in Coatzacoalcos


An alleged narcomanta was hung on the pedestrian bridge in front of the facilities of Universidad Veracruzana (UV) in Coatzacoalcos.

On the canvas appears the image of the former attorney general, Jorge Winckler Ortiz and seven other subjects, who are designated as responsible for the massacre in this city.

The narcomanta includes strong accusations against former prosecutors Jorge Winckler and José Roberto Sánchez Cortez, both are blamed for the massacre that killed 31 people at the Caballo Blanco bar, linking them with CJNG.

"Terrorism in Coatzacoalcos. CJNG destroys Veracruz. "El 80" leader of CJNG in the south. Those responsible for the worst massacre in Coatzacoalcos.

Winkler and "El 80". Winckler is a compadre of José Roberto Sánchez Cortés aka "El 80".

Rodríguez Arzeta, David Mendoza, CJNG accountant; Sammy, commander of CJNG; El Chuy, chief of hit men of CJNG; Alfredo Sabañon, collects extortion payments for CJNG; Juan José Domínguez, Juanito Comandante, "says the text.

The narcomanta was removed by security forces.