Murdered another Mexican candidate to mayor in a small town of Jalisco

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Murdered another Mexican candidate to mayor in a small town of Jalisco

Murdered another Mexican candidate to mayor in a small town of Jalisco

Carlos Andrade, aspirant of the Citizen Movement to the mayor of a small town, was riddled at the exit of a wake. He is the second candidate killed in the area in less than a week

Two weeks of electoral campaign and two local candidates killed. The scene has returned to be Tierra Caliente, one of the most violent, forgotten and poor corridors in Mexico. If last Thursday the name was that of Maribel Barajas, a young candidate of the Green Ecologist Party of Michoacán to the municipality of Múgica; this Sunday was José Carlos Andrade Magaña, mayor of Jilotlán de Dolores, another small town on the border of Jalisco with Michoacán.

Magaña, who aspired to renew his position in the upcoming elections on behalf of the Movimiento Ciudadano party, was riddled with bullets when leaving a wake, according to local media. Cattle rancher and trader, Andrade Magaña was 47 years old. According to his political group, one of the mayor's priority interests was to take greater advantage of the agricultural and livestock tradition of his municipality, make transparent the use of the region's water resources and activate employment in his locality.

Movimiento Ciudadano competes in the next federal elections of July as part of the political coalition Por México al Frente, along with the National Action Party (PAN) and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). Late in the afternoon of Sunday, through a statement, the Front condemned the murder of the mayor with license and urged the governor of the State of Jalisco to solve the crime: "We demand Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz clarification and punishment of those responsible of the murder of Juan Carlos Andrade Magaña, as well as informing the Jalisco and Mexicans of the progress of the investigations related to this and other homicides and cases of missing persons in the entity, and if he can not, we demand that he resign, "the document states. .

The murder of local candidates in Mexico has uncovered the cracks of an electoral process that advances marked by the terror of narcoviolence. On July 1, the country will choose more than 18,300 federal and local offices, including 1,200 councilors and more than 12,000 council members. And he will do so in the worst figures of homicides he has lived in more than two decades, with an average of 71 murders a day.

The National Association of Mayors made, before the beginning of the campaign, a risk map for the candidates. It divided the country into four regions according to the threats that politicians had suffered and the level of homicides of each entity. Thus it was concluded that Durango, Michoacán, Oaxaca and Veracruz were among the most dangerous.

The murder of the former mayor of Jilotlán joins other crimes of political representatives in Jalisco as is the case of Salvador Magaña Martínez, leader of Movimiento Ciudadano in the municipality of La Huerta or Saúl Galindo Plazola, a local deputy in office emanating from PRD, coordinator of the parliamentary group and president of the Justice Commission of the Jalisco State Congress, both at the end of last December.

The violence has directly affected the campaign and has affected all the parties, although it has been especially angry with the weakest link: local charges. Already more than 30 attacks have been registered, since the pre-campaign. This ignited the alarms of the Organization of American States (OAS). "There is an average of one murder of a candidate every four or five days, it is a margin of violence absolutely unacceptable in an electoral process," denounced the secretary general of the organization, Luis Almagro, in an interview on March 16 in Madrid.