Morira and PRI in Trouble? Old time scandals.

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Morira and PRI in Trouble? Old time scandals.

An article appeared on AP and other publications today said "Humberto Moreira, who heads the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, recently helped his party's candidate pull off a decisive gubernatorial victory in Mexico's most populous state. Now, just as the PRI under Moreira is fielding the strongest candidate in early polling for the 2012 presidential campaign, federal officials have reported a huge 34 billion peso ($2.8 billion) debt in the state of Coahuila, which Moreira governed until January."  Moreira has avoided explaining how the debt rose 100 times in his administration.

When Moreira took office in 2005, the state reported a 323 MILLION pesos ($27 million) debt.  Just before Moreira stepped down from the governorship, the state of Coahuila reported a debt of 8.4 BILLION pesos.  BUT2 weeks ago the Coahuila Legislature reported the actual debt is 34 BILLION pesos, 4 times what was reported as Moreira left office.  One result is the Standard and Poors credit rating agency lowered Coahuilas' credit rating from A+ to BBB-.  (worse than the U.S.)

A close former aide to Moreira also is under investigation for amassing unexplained wealth, buying property in the U.S. and becoming CEO of two firms and a shareholder in Mexican radio stations on a modest state salary.

The PAN has filed a complaint with the Mexican Attorney General's Office demanding an investigation into Moreira's former aide, Vicente Chaires, claiming he became rich on an administrative secretary salary while buying property in Texas and becoming a partner in radio stations. The PAN complaint accuses him of lending his name to assets on behalf of Moreira, though it provides no proof in the complaint.  

Another PRI stalwart, Carlos Hank Gonzalez, once said "A politician who is poor is a poor politician."  Some things never change.

A link to the full article
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Re: Morira and PRI in Trouble? Old time scandals.

Did I send you that new video from PAN about this subject?

here are a couple videos.
One is mindboggling with all the "businesses"in Tx connected to Bert & Gang
I counted 40+ that I know about...gee I wonder what hose businesses are for?


Here is another of Bert trying to BS his way out of the accusations (but Coahuila leads in education,
health, alleviation of poverty and fighting social exclusion....gag...gag...barf)

 I titled this BLAH-BLAH-BLAH

and a word from Hilter...why not?
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